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Halloween 2010

How did this happen?  Halloween was a month ago… Turkey Day has come and gone and now it’s almost Christmas!  I’ll catch up on blogging over the Winter Holiday but in the meantime….

Halloween was once again wonderful out at the Links.  So many people have moved out here now and it’s so different from what it was when we moved out here 6 years ago.  Six years ago, over 70% of the houses were empty and Halloween lasted 20 minutes.  All of the houses are now full and there was plenty of candy to be had so it took almost 90 minutes to fill our bags.

Maddie was the go-go dancer but I think it was Amelia who was most enthused about the dancing part.  She was dressed as candy corn but quickly turned into pop-candy corn!

Maddie's Class plus an Amelia...

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The Real Halloween

IMG_3604It was definitely one of those holidays that just seemed to go on forever.  Between the parade at school on Friday morning, the neighborhood Halloween Party on Friday night, the Halloween get together at ballet on Saturday and Trick-or-Treating on Saturday night, I think we tapped into every ounce of Halloween enthusiasm a 6 year old and 2 year old can have!!!!  IMG_3609We raced home from ballet on Saturday afternoon and I managed to shove a grilled cheese sandwich, cucumbers and watermelon down both girls throats.  (Like I would let them have copious amounts of sugar/Halloween candy on an empty stomach!)

Eva, Maddie and Amelia

Eva, Maddie and Amelia

We put all of our candy in two bowls and left a sign next to the bowls saying that we were trick-or-treating… that worked out well! We ran into all the kids in the neigh...

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Halloween Parties!!

IMG_3553Not only do we have regular movie nights every Friday night, but we also have regular parties for the kids!  This year’s Halloween Party was the perfect thing for kids.  Let’s set aside for a moment that Amelia was freaked out for the first 30 minutes because everything was a bit too scary.  Kids Gallery was brought in so the kids were able to make various Arts and Crafts holiday baskets.  IMG_3554They had somebody teaching the kids the Thriller Dance, they had pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, pizza and soda for the kids, adult beverages for the adults… a great time was had by all.  I did find it interesting though that Maddie spent most of the night in the Arts and Crafts area.  The kid just loves art!




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Thank Goodness for Technology

Maddie and Amelia on Skype with me

Maddie and Amelia on Skype with me

It’s Halloween and I’m away at a conference. Andy is home with the girls this year, but I’m ALMOST there. This morning when Maddie woke up, she woke up in Shanghai. I woke up in Kota Kinabalu. We both logged into Skype at the same time and we connected. She showed me her costume… Amelia came over for a kiss…. we talked about all the silly things she had planned for the day… and then it was time for her to eat breakfast. Andy fed Amelia while I had conversation with Maddie. I finished

Maddie and Amelia eat Breakfast at Home via Skype

Maddie and Amelia eat Breakfast at Home via Skype

getting ready for my day ahead and she sat at the kitchen table babbling away. I harped at her to take another bite… it was just like I was there. But I wasn’t.

I still miss my girls terribly, but thank goodness for t...

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Halloween – Part II

Maddie was giddy most of the day and the squeals of delight did not stop until she crashed at bed time. Leading the parade was a highlight and Trick-or-Treating around the the community was a highlight. I love living out here because it’s just so… down home. Go figure – in China of all places.

The kids and parents all met up together around 6:00 and then went Trick-or-Treating for over an hour. They say that there aren’t that many houses out at the Links but I think an hour and 17 houses is plenty of fun! I was so happy to see the parents dressed up too… we didn’t even plan it that way. And of course, because we were dressed up we were able to partake in a few treats along the way...

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Halloween Day – Part One!

I just got back from a full morning at school and so much has happened to the girls today that I thought I would do TWO entries. Both will be full of pictures!

Maddie decided that she was going to be a fairy princess for Halloween and Maddie also decided that Amelia would be a kitty cat for her first Halloween debut. I’ve gotta give Maddie full credit as she was seriously thinking ahead when we walked past Halloween costumes at Babies R Us over the summer – it was all her idea!

Running into Maddie’s VP, a.k.a Super Sacha, in the school library is always a great way to start the day! Here’s the deal with walking through the hallways with two beautiful children….. it takes FOREVER to get anywhere!!! :)

Maddie, Malin and Ms. Preeti found themselves leading the entire elementary school for ...

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The Great Pumpkin

Andy bought a pumpkin before he left for Thailand so that Maddie and I could have our traditional pumpkin carving time! This was Amelia’s first halloween and Maddie was eager to share her years of experience with her little sister. Amelia hung on for about… oh…. 10 seconds so I put her down for a nap and Maddie continued on our merry little way on our own. This year definitely brought a twist to the traditional pumpkin carving event. Let’s just say that the twist involved nail polish!!

Maddie decided to use nail polish as a glue for glitter hair!

Digging the seeds out with a spoon so that our nails don’t get “too yucky!”

Check out the eyebrows on that pumpkin!!!

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Moments from class…

Maddie’s teacher just sent this video out of the kiddos attempting a Halloween song and it was something I just had to share! I love being a mom!!!!

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Halloween Parties!

Andy and I rushed home after our Puxi meeting today so that we could go with Maddie to the Halloween Party!! I’m glad we did because when I saw Preeti (her teacher) at the party, she came and threw her arms around both Andy and I with a big thank you! Maddie had a “tough” day at school and just needed some straight Maddie Time. Apparently, she had even taken her blanket to school to help make her feel better…

Halloween parties are just the ticket though! It’s just so America out here sometimes – it’s a good thing around the holidays! Maddie may be a Third Culture Kid but she knows her holidays!!! I think this picture shows the third pumpkin she has carved this year… and there is more to come!!!

Maybe they are still a bit too young for Harry Potter!!

Some Night Jumpin’ on the trampo...

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