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Growing Up TCK

Growing up TCK (Third Culture Kid) is sometimes a tough job. I think the most difficult part of growing up overseas is saying goodbye to friends. I watch on Facebook as my friends in Shanghai go through it and I watch as my students go through it. It impacts Maddie as well.

Last year, Maddie said goodbye to her good friend Roqueya. There were tears and she had the belief that they would never see each other again. Here we are 9 months later and the girls were on Skype showing each other their new paint in their bedrooms.

Thankfully, in this day and age, the kids don’t really have to say goodbye. They just say, I’ll see onilne and maybe we’ll be F2F someday!

This year, Maddie is saying goodbye to her friend Paulina. From my perspective, Maddie and Paulina have been the perfect mix...

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When Cultures Come Together

Children that grow up outside of their home country are often called TCKs or Third Culture Kids.  Their sense of what is “normal” is not the normal that most of my family grew up with.  I loved my normal when I was growing up and I’m not convinced more that ever that Maddie is loving her sense of normal.  For example….

I had her come to my office after school the other day because I had a meeting.  I told her I would be back in an hour and that she could play on my computer.  When I came back, she was finishing up her homework, watching The Brady Bunch on my computer and drinking hot green tea.  For your information, the green tea was unsweetened and The Brady Bunch episode was where Jan though she was allergic to Tiger.

Green tea and The Brady Bunch…. I just love that!

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Halloween Parties!

Andy and I rushed home after our Puxi meeting today so that we could go with Maddie to the Halloween Party!! I’m glad we did because when I saw Preeti (her teacher) at the party, she came and threw her arms around both Andy and I with a big thank you! Maddie had a “tough” day at school and just needed some straight Maddie Time. Apparently, she had even taken her blanket to school to help make her feel better…

Halloween parties are just the ticket though! It’s just so America out here sometimes – it’s a good thing around the holidays! Maddie may be a Third Culture Kid but she knows her holidays!!! I think this picture shows the third pumpkin she has carved this year… and there is more to come!!!

Maybe they are still a bit too young for Harry Potter!!

Some Night Jumpin’ on the trampo...

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