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Christmas Cookies

The girl is growing up. When Andy leaves, Maddie has this way of…. getting instantly older. She cooks, she cleans, she helps Amelia with baths. Today we went to the dentist for a cleaning/sealant and not one complaint came out of her mouth. Amelia on the other hand… that’s a different blog post. Crazy kid.

We got home from the dentist and we decided to reward ourselves by making cookies and decorating them. Three dozen cookies later, the kitchen was only mildly destroyed. We ended up using this sugar cookie recipe because Maddie thought that it was cool that there was lemon in it: and then we used two different types of icing...

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Making Homework Fun!

blog1Okay, Maddie thinks all homework is fun…as long as she does it early in the evening when she hasn’t lost her steam.  But when she has lost her steam for the day and needs a little incentive, we shake things up a bit by putting brainy glasses on. Just like that, Maddie “felt” like she could get through her math and spelling words.  Of course, it helped that I promised her that she could help with banana bread if she finished quickly!!! :)

So what started out as a clean evening of baking, quickly turned into an “oh my gosh – what happened to this kitchen?” evening with floor from head to toe and smiles galore!

At least it made the homework fun….


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Maddie Bakes a CAKE… and enjoys her vacation

Whew… when you’re 6, life is good.  Cooking, being an artist… dancing and laughing through life. The cake, by the way, is the belated cake for her sister Amelia.  Amelia was napping during the cooking sequence.

Note the stop action movie below thanks to the Mac application SAM and iMovie.  (Dad’s first attempt at both programs)

Maddie Makes a Cake from Andrew Torris on Vimeo.

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Maddie the Baker – Amelia the Helper?

Maddie baked America Cupcakes this weekend because Andy and all of the other Americans at school played against the non-American staff members in golf.  We just KNEW that America would win, so we made blue and red cupcakes.  All I have to say is…. VERY ENTERTAINING!  For those of you who subscribe to Maddie’s blog, make sure you log in to see the short video clip at!

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Brown Bear Visits

You all know the book – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


It was Maddie’s weekend to bring Brown Bear home. As tempting as it was sit at home and relax this weekend, we picked ourselves up by the bootstraps and showed Brown Bear a good time in Shanghai. On Saturday, Brown Bear helped Maddie make a card and wrap a present for William’s birthday party at Mega-Fit. Brown Bear had a blast at William’s party too, seeing all of “his” classmates and posing with the birthday boy himself.

cimg8543.JPGcimg8555.JPGcimg8557.JPGpict4455.JPGBrown Bear then joined us over at Cooper’s house for dinner because he just didn’t have enough time with babies...

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Milk, Water and Mirror Pond?

Preparing the cookiesThis is the first year we’ve made cookies for Santa, I don’t know why we haven’t done it before… perhaps it’s because this is the first year that we’ve been home and Maddie really gets it! Dad and Maddie baked them together while I sat recording the momentous occasion. We had conversations the entire time about what Santa would want to drink with his chocolate chip cookies.


Watch the clip to find our all of our thoughts!!

Maddie and Dad


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