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Christmas Cookies

The girl is growing up. When Andy leaves, Maddie has this way of…. getting instantly older. She cooks, she cleans, she helps Amelia with baths. Today we went to the dentist for a cleaning/sealant and not one complaint came out of her mouth. Amelia on the other hand… that’s a different blog post. Crazy kid.

We got home from the dentist and we decided to reward ourselves by making cookies and decorating them. Three dozen cookies later, the kitchen was only mildly destroyed. We ended up using this sugar cookie recipe because Maddie thought that it was cool that there was lemon in it: and then we used two different types of icing...

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We Want Spring!

While I was back in the States last month, I took full advantage of Amazon’s free 2-day shipping and got the girls a little herb garden.  We need some Spring around here so we decided to play the seeds a couple of days ago…

We added water to the peet moss pellats, placed them in the planters, added the seeds, watered them and then covered them with plastic until they sprout.  Maddie’s likes the makeshift greenhouse! :)

Thanks girls for helping out – I can’t wait to see our garden grow! :)


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Dress Up!

For the record…

“Cowgirls don’t cry…”

Great weekend here… lazy enough so that the girls had time to play dress-up!  Meelie keeps saying she’ll get older so that she can ride horses like jiejie!!!

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October Break

blog1Some October breaks we are just itching to get out of China simply for a change of scenery, but this year was different.  We actually had enough of  a change of scenery by staying at home!!!!!!!!  October break was everything it should be…. unplanned, relaxing time with family.  I finally got around to starting Amelia’s baby blanket (that’s a story in itself and worth another blog post) and Maddie helped me a lot with the cutting and sewing.  She was even able to maintain the speed on the sewing machine! blog2

We all played outside a lot because the weather was simply delightful.  I think because the factories shut down over October Break, the skies actually had a change to be blue and they rose to the occasion!!! :)  Baking, swinging, running through the sprinklers, riding bikes around th...

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Maddie Takes on the Cornfields!

Our short little visit to Illinois was packed full of fun for everybody. The first place we pulled up to was Sissy’s house and Maddie immediately remembered the house from last year. In her words, “Mommy, I was here last year when I was a little girl!” Ha! Just another example of how Maddie believes she knows all there is to know in the world! :)

We stayed out in the “country” with my dad where Maddie could pass the corn fields and bean fields as we raced to and from town. She was so impressed that the corn was taller than she was at the ripe age of four. On the second night in town we had dinner out at my dad’s house where Maddie investigated every nook and cranny of his yard...

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Ni Hao or Yee-haw? San Antonio knows…

Andy and I made it down to San Antonio this year for the NECC conference and we decided to go down a day early so that we could take Madeline to Sea World.  Man, is this kid lucky or what?  In the matter of just a few months she gets to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong and Sea World in the States!

What’s cool about this trip is that Grandma Dotty picked us up at the airport in San Antonio because she drove out to Texas from Tucson.  The very next day we made it to Sea World where the heat was very hard to beat.  We bought some sun shade hats though and made our way through the theme park.  There were so many highlights for the day, but I do think that Maddie’s favorite was the dolphin feeding tank...

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Spring Has Sprung

It was 80 degrees in Shanghai today.

Let me repeat that…

It was 80 degrees in Shanghai today… nice!

Maddie wearing a sundress while investigating the grasslands behind our house, Amelia babbling in the background as she spins in her saucer, Andy grabbing a club and hitting golf balls across the golf course from our backyard. These really are the moments! Enjoy the pics and Happy Spring!




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