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Birds’ Feet

This is the book that I read today.

This is my mom with a bird.

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Maddie’s Reading Buddy

I love stumbling up things like this at school!  I was working on a 5th/6th grade transition wiki at school today and when I walked into a 5th grade classroom, one of the girls turned to me and said, “are you Maddie’s mom?”  She then went on to explain that she was Maddie’s reading buddy!  It’s funny because this school is starting to feel suspiciously like Cheers; cue: Cheer’s Theme Song now.

They had Reading Buddies scheduled right after my interaction with the 5th grade class so I snapped this pic as they got started! :) 

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Lions and Tigers and Bears and Snowmen, oh my!

Sam and AmeliaConnor and Sam came over to the house and we spent the time reading and watching Christmas classics. Amelia is completely mesmerized by Sam as he can be very entertaining! Between Amelia holdings though, Sam took the time to read Maddie Anna book or two. This one was priceless as they stumbled through Frost the Snowman. Every time I read the book I can’t help but sing it, but they both took this reading bit very seriously!!!

You can barely hear Maddie’s little voice speaking with Sammy’s in this little clip. I’m in awe by how fast kids change… Maddie is four – FOUR! How did this happen?!

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

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Singing or Reading?

We keep getting notes home from the librarian…. Maddie can’t check out anymore books because she has so many checked out. Okay, they don’t say that she can’t check out books – that would be just plain mean. The issue is this: Maddie LOVES to read and never wants to return any of her library books. I have to sneak them in her bag and the Ms. Preeti has to sneak them out of her bag without Maddie finding out about it. She has her favorite books of course… most of them are related to ballet in some way shape or form. She LOVES Brown Bear, Brown Bear too though. Happy Reading/Singing honey!!!

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Love of Reading Week

Last month I mentioned how cool it is for Maddie to have her daddy at school all the time. When I attended the elementary assembly on Monday with Maddie to kick off Love of Reading Week, I was completely gob-smacked when she turned to me and said, “Look Mommy! It’s Mr. Torris!”

Even though I’m a professional working woman, I’m also a mom and working in this environment let’s me be a mom even when I am working. Everyday I walk to school with Maddie, I think of all those moms back home that drop their children off with family members or day care providers. How lucky am I? Sitting front and center at the assemblies with Maddie lets me talk to her about her day when we get home. We spent the rest of the week talking about Mr. B’s silly socks on stage.

To quote Maddie’s teacher, “children...

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