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Jingdezhen Calls Again

cimg8827.JPGcimg8835.JPGIn April 2007, I headed to Jingdezhen and left my family at home.  I spent most of the time in Jingdezhen wishing that they were there to experience the amazing pottery city.  Well, we had a three day weekend and really needed to get away for a few days so Jingdezhen called our name.  Now some may think that I’m crazy to take a 4 year old and a 6 month old pottery shopping, but I believe that kids must have exposure so that they can learn how to act in various situations.  I’m happy to report that both Maddie and Amelia did beautifully!!  I loved being in Jingdezhen as a family for two days.  It was a special trip in so many ways.

cimg8844.JPGMaddie became instant friends with our guide, Monty.  Monty is a college student that basically takes you around Jingdezhen for a few days...

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Special Maddie Day

cimg8734.JPGOne day over Spring Break we decided to take a special Maddie day.  Why?  We wanted to be able to devote 100% of our attention to Maddie for a short moment in time.  She has been such a great sister to Amelia and thought this would be kind of fun for her… time alone with mom and dad.

 Here’s what Maddie discovered right away – she missed Amelia. As soon as we got in the car and drove away from the house, Maddie had tears running down her cheeks because she thought Amelia would be sad and that Amelia would miss us.  In an odd way, this made me feel really, really good.  It just goes to show ya – Amelia is part of our family! :)

We persevered though and made our way to Super Brand Mall where we shopped a bit and made a lot of noise as Andy threw Maddie up on his shoulders...

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Maddie Can Shop

World Financial Center and the Jin MaoI can’t believe that kind of weather we’ve been having in Shanghai lately. Our first year here was rain, rain, a bit more rain and finally a little rain thrown in for good measure! Lately, the skies have been blue so we decided to take advantage of this and head down to Dong Tai Lu for some shopping and site-seeing. I’m amazed at the progress they have made on the world’s tallest building (at least for 5 minutes). We captured this photo from the car with the sunroof open. The sun is hitting the Jin Mao in the background which I think is kind of cool!

We then made our way over the Dong Tai Lu to browse the real fake antiques! It’s fun to head downJeff and Daneah’s apartment there to practice my Chinese...

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A Beautiful Oregon Day!

Today we jumped on the MAX train in Hillsboro and made our way down to the Rose City and the Portland Saturday Market. It’s a great place to find cool things by local artists. Today we found a bracelet for Maddie where the artist resized it just for her. Amazingly, she wore it all day long and it was torture getting it off her wrist at bedtime. We also found some great flannels for both Maddie and Amelia for when we come home at Christmas time. I do think that Maddie’s most special find was the balloon man. I’m still amazed that she has conversations with people she doesn’t know, but the though of getting a flower balloon hat definitely got rid of all inhibitions!!!

When we left the Saturday Market, we made our way to Dan and Louis Oyster Bar...

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Maddie Can SHOP!!!!

I have to admit that I don’t like shopping that much. I’m not a window shopper. I’m one of those people that likes to get in there – get out with what you wanted in the first place – and then be done with it. Let me tell you, that way of thinking does not lend itself to furnishing your first house.

Maddie has gone almost everywhere with us for the past four days. She has been to Home Depot twice. She has been to Macy’s four times (though one time she was being…. um, three… and daddy removed her from the store after one of those infamous Wang Dang Dingers). She has been to Costco three times, George Smith Warehouse twice, Bombay once, and Sam Levitz once. She has been our official “Jumpability Tester” and has jumped on twin mattresses, full mattresses, and numerous couches...

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Warning… Warning… We’re Going to Carrefour

You must prepare yourself mentally before heading to Carrefour in China. We’ve been to Carrefour in several cities, including Prague, Paris and even in a major city in Bahrain, but those outings never came close to what you experience when you go in China. The few foreigners I see in there are usually the ones new to China because the experienced ones know to stay away at all costs. Carrefour does have things that no other store has though so sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet. As the last expat I saw in Carrefour said to her driver dude, “Mr. Wan – remind me to drink heavily before coming here next time.” (I write that in Maddie’s blog because I know that someday she will understand.)

As always, Maddie is a HUGE attraction...

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A Wang Dang Dinger of a Day!

May 1, 2007

Dear Diary,

WOW! What a day this has been as Maddie’s mommy and daddy. Today is a “special” day for us in that this is a day we celebrate all of the wonderful things in our life. No matter what is going on, no matter what comes our way, we celebrate and quietly remember what happened three years ago today. As much as we try to stay positive, it’s inevitable that our nerves are on edge just a bit and I think that Maddie picked up on the vibes the very minute she woke up. The picture to the left is just one of the many time outs that happened today!

Two things to note that are special: She gave up one of her words today… you know, it was one of those baby words that we all think are so cute...

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Turtles and Frogs

Maddie REALLY needs a haircut. It actually couldn’t be any easier. I call Cheryl who lives down the street, make an appointment for the next day, and then Maddie and I walk down to her house. So why can’t I get it together enough to just CALL??!! Today has nothing to do with a haircut but when I download pics, the first thing I see is Maddie’s hair. Mother of the Year Award – part 100! 😉

We did a major shopping excursion today to prepare for Jan and Greg’s arrival on Wednesday. Andy was downright amazing as I usually hear about how I’m hording JELLO (ha, ha), but today he mentioned nothing about the massive amounts of food I was putting into the cart. We went to METRO this time which is usually Maddie’s favorite place because of the fish section...

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