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SAS Concert Series…

Maddie Anna and the entire elementary school performed at a recent concert and this one was by far one of our favorites. We’ve put it on our Apple TV and every time I walk into the room, either Amelia or Maddie has put it on and they are singing along with The Unicorn Song all over again! :) It was extra special that Maddie was able to sing with Mrs. Tucker whom she had for Art last year.

I especially love the video that Julie Wild made to go alone with the song. She photoshopped each child into a picture that coincided with the words of the song. Watch for Maddie and the green alligator!

You may watch the video below or view it by clicking here.

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Phineas and Ferb Science Lab

Science Lab Materials!

Pour milk in petri dish.

Add a drop of food color.

Add a drop of dishwasher soap.

Amelia's blue food coloring.

Amelia adds dishwasher soap.



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Student Led Conferences

Maddie was in charge of her very first Student Led Conference at school today. In year’s past, the elementary school had traditional Parent Teacher conferences but they have moved to SLCs into action across the school. Maddie was excited all week long and the night before she told us that she had to lay out an outfit that was “confident”. She called it her confidence outfit… jeans, T-Shirt, Justice boots!

We walked into class and she pulled out her folder that had her checklist of everything she was going to share. I have to admit that I half expected her to sit there and just show us stuff but she talked and talked and talked. We were supposed to be in there for 30 minutes and we talked for 45 minutes...

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Accolades for Maddie!

Maddie is on fire this week! Twice this week teachers have honored her and commented about her hard work and artistic expression. Mrs. Wild has been Maddie’s music teacher for the past five years and Maddie just adores her.  We received an email from her this week saying that Maddie was a rockin’ cool xylophone player.  When we told Maddie about it, she beemed as bright as I have ever seen her!

Mrs. Tucker interviewed Maddie last week about her feelings towards art.  Maddie felt honored just be interviewed and over the dinner table, she explained her answers quite seriously to both Andy and I.


I can’t wait to show her that her interview is in the school published magazine and online...

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Christmas Concerts…

It seems that the season is in full swing.  While we were eating our Turkey, we were putting up our Christmas tree and the holiday concerts at school are keeping everyone busy.  Maddie practiced and practiced for her role as a chime player.  She did beautifully and didn’t mind sharing the stage a bit with Amelia.  In the end, Amelia wants to grow up and be Maddie.  So when she has the opportunity to step into Maddie’s shoes, she does it!!  Here is the link for video starring Madeline and Amelia:

and embedded….

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Hamsters Visit Maddie!

Maddie had some vistors this weekend from her class.  They were quite the spectacle and as a result we had almost every child in the neighborhood stop by the house.  Maddie has named the mom “Big Mama” because all she does is bite.  I think the others are Rosella, Brittany, Eleanor, Rose, and big Baby for the runt.  I don’t think those are really their names but they worked for us this weekend!  Maddie’s turn to take over… Maddie tell me more about them!


The babys are cute but they bite now. they eat dried fruit, vegetables and apples.  I will miss the hamsters.

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So Long to the 09/10 School Year!

Maddie's First Day of School

Maddie is practically a veteran learner at this point!  It’s hard to believe that this is the 4th conclusion to a school year for her.  Ms. Preeti took great care of her in both PreK3 and PreK4, and Maddie has thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog posts from those days.  When she watches the video of the first time she wrote her name in PreK3 though all she can point out is that her “d” is backwards and her “i” looks like a “c”.

Maddie Studies Hard!

Maddie loved Kindergarten with Mrs. Howitt and eagerly looked forward to first grade this year.  First grade was a big leap for Ms...

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Visiting Li Min Migrant School

Maddie’s class visited our local migrant school in Shanghai.  Li Min students are from families of migrant workers and as Ms. Zhou points out again and again… they are not Shanghainese.  As a result, they really don’t get funding from the government.  So, SAS helps to take care of the kids from Li Min along with many other organizations.  SAS PTSA has purchased playground equipment for the kids, we have combined Sports Days where their kids come to SAS… it’s a very cool relationship.

Maddie’s classmates packed a bag of presents for each of Li Min kids and went to their school today to hand out the gifts, sing songs and be a part of their day.  It was really good for Maddie to go to their school just a short drive from her own little world...

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Maddie Tackles Tally Marks!

SANY0318I honestly don’t push her to do this… I think because she sees me making podcasts and movies, she is interested in making them herself.  So tonight when she finished her homework and asked if she could make a podcast, I happily helped her out!

***Maddie’s Tallly Work

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Maddie is a FIRST grader!

SANY0313No more Ks in her grade level anymore – this is the real deal!

Maddie had her first day of school as a first grader!  She has been waking up all week long asking immediately if she could go to school.  Of course, I let her go to school as we were working but no other kids were there so I think it lost its charm with her! :)SANY0315

Amelia helped Maddie choose her clothes and then she was out the door.  I was actually very impressed with Amelia’s attitude.  Bye JieJie was all she said and then was fine living her life! :)

Maddie met her teacher Mrs. Voge and put the things in her cubbie.  Maddie and Elaine actually have a history together but I think Maddie was just too young to remember...

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Celebration of Learning 2009

Every year Maddie has done a Celebration of Learning presentation at the end of the school year to show off her stuff.  When she was three years old, I was simply bamboozled that the word “chrysalis”  came out of her mouth! When she was four, I was ecstatic that she loved learning more than anything.  This year was no different and it was a very special event indeed.  I cannot believe how much she has grown and what she has accomplished this school year.  She’s just happy all of the time.  I always thought kids would wake up with belly aches sometimes and need days home from school to just chill.  Maddie is not one of those kids though. Everyday, no matter what, she wants to go to school!

sany0016The celebration of learning event was a bit different though than the other ones… this time...

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Field Day 2009

Maddie and her class braved the elements this year for Field Day 2009.  In spite of the oceanside wind and small rain delay, they giggled and laughed their way through the day!  Their energy was HIGH in the beginning and by the end, they were all zapped!  The PK – 1 field day is only a half of a day compared to a full day for the older kids… I completely understand why!!!!!!!! :)

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Maddie’s Reading Group….

The girl has come a long way and she’s growing up fast… one minute she is 3 months old and the next minute she’s in Kindergarten learning her letters, numbers, words… reading!  These are the first steps of something wonderful and we’re sooooo proud of her!  Enjoy the video and a HUGE thank you to her amazingly, fabulous, wonderful teacher Mrs. Howitt.

PS: One of my favorite parts is at the end… she is a kid afterall! :)

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100 Days of School

Maddie has come a long way in a year!  I love these 100 day celebrations at school because they are milestones where I can compare her from year to year….  is her hair still curly?  does she speak differntly?  has her voice changed?  I don’t see these changes as much because I see her everyday.  As a result, I forget the details because they are always replaced by other details.  That is why I have this blog!

For this 100 Days of School celebration, Maddie wanted to print off 100 blog posts and put them on a poster.  This, of course, took twice as long as it should’ve because Maddie had re-lived all 100 posts we cut out and pasted onto the poster.  Example:  In this post about her losing her took, I saw the picture of the video and said, “Maddie!  This is where you lost your toot...

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Publishing Party – Last of 2008!

We are so proud of this child of ours!  I can’t believe what my baby girl can do…. she’s happy, she’s confident, she’s proud… WOW!  I mean, the girl just turned five.  This week Maddie had her final publishing party of 2008.  She authored a three page story.  The first page had her riding a horse.  The second page had the horse jumping up.  The third page had her giving that horse to a farmer…. how’s that for a beginning, middle and an end.

Please, please leave comments for Maddie on her blog.  She is very aware of the whole comment thing and would love to hear from you about her story.


PS: To see what Amelia is up to… click here! :)

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Maddie’s Spirit

Each year at school we have a spirit parade to kick off the friendly competition for the year between all of the houses. Our family is a member of the Shanxi Pumas and our job during the spirit parade was to yell and scream as loud as we could. I knew I could count on Maddie!

Maddie walked part of the time with her former teacher, Ms. Preeti because this year’s teacher is not a Puma. Part of the time she walked hand in hand with her  good buddy Ri-Ri and part of the time she walked with me…. and she did a GREAT job of screaming!

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Maddie’s Second Year of School

Maddie started this school year out with confidence.  She knew how to do school.  She knew the routines, she knew the teacher, she knew some friends and she was ready for Pre-K 4.  She had a brand spanking new Hello Kitty backpack, curly hair, a cheesy smile and the best “can-do” attitude possible.

This year was a big year for Maddie Anna.  She started the year as THE princess in our household and about 6 weeks into the school year, she gained a sister.  In looking back, I’m thankful that Maddie had school because it was her time, her space, her experiences.  She needed Maddie time to ease the transition into experiencing life at home with a new baby.

I loved being on maternity leave for 8 weeks because I was able to get into Maddie’s classroom like I had never done before...

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Maddie’s Portfolio Day

It’s hard to believe how fast this school year has gone for everybody.  It was just a year ago that Maddie Anna shared her first portfolio with us at the end of the school year.  Now she has shared with us again and we are so proud of her.  When she saw Andy and I waiting with the other parents, she squealed in delight and took our hands to lead us to a spot on the floor.  Maddie went through everything in her portfolio and explained how everything was soooooo important to her.

Maddie is still the youngest in her class which at this age is still a fairly big deal I guess because some kids are a full year older than Maddie.  Maddie is unphased though as she learns and loves just like everybody else...

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Elementary Field Day

It is so cool being a teacher at my daughter’s school. Seriously… even though I work full time, I am able to be there for the important stuff. When there is a class party, I can easily find somebody to cover my class. When visiting authors come to town, I can head down during my plan time. When it’s lunch time and I have a few extra minutes, I can walk out to the playground during Maddie’s recess just to say hello. When she’s sick or when she has fallen down, I can run down to her class to help her feel better at a moment’s notice. I am so lucky.

Today was one of those days with the elementary field day. The PE teachers at our school took it the extra mile this year by organizing an Olympic themed day. Maddie’s class represented Mexico and they participated in the opening ceremonie...

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Maddie’s Easter Begins…

Maddie Easter School PartySo I’m pretty sure there were at least four major happening at school this week in Maddie’s class. There was a class party, a birthday party for one of the students, a Chinese class assembly and, of course, an Easter party. I was lucky enough to make it to ONE of these events for a few minutes and Andy was lucky enough to make it to ONE of these events. I guess this means we’re at .5! I’ll take it!!!!

Maddie and the other PK classes took advantage of the welcome change of weather and went for their first Easter egg hunt of the season. She is considered to be part of the older group of PK kids so when she offered one of her eggs to a little boy who had none, my heart filled with joy. On second look, she offered one of her BROKEN eggs, but it’s a step in the right direction! :)

cimg8629.JPGHope yo...

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