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Some Friends Are Forever…

Jeff and Daneah's Classic Picture with Maddie

Jeff and Daneah

So here’s the deal:

People come in and out of your life and those people always serve a purpose for that particular moment in your life.  However, some people come into your life and are just always…. there.  Even if you don’t physically see each other for awhile and even if you live far apart, you always crave that friendship and KNOW that your friends will be there for you no matter what.  Those types of friendships are rare but they are strong and will endure…

Daneah Pretends to Love Amelia's Nori Snack!

Daneah Pretends to Love Amelia

Jeff and Daneah came to Shanghai this weekend for a brief visit and we were able to connect a few times.  Maddie is turning six and was trying desperately to be non-challant about the visit.  In the end, she just couldn’t help herself...

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The Girls take on Bangkok

Amelia, Daneah, Maddie and Jeff

Amelia, Daneah, Maddie and Jeff

For October Holiday this year the family headed to Bangkok.  This was Amelia’s first visit and Maddie’s fourth.  Bangkok and Thailand are so comfortable for us and it just felt great being there.  One of the best things about the trip was seeing Jeff and Daneah.  They had just received their shipment the week before we arrived so we headed to their place one night for another installment of Gourmet Geeks.  The next day we headed to the Weekend Market and then to one of our favorite restaurants!

Gourmet Geeks Unite!

Gourmet Geeks Unite!

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Winding Down with Daneah

Things will sure be different without Daneah and Jeff around. I remember sitting in Daneah’s office at school in Yanbu back in 2002 telling her that Andy and I were going to have a baby. From the moment Maddie was born, Daneah has always been there. Daneah will never have children by choice, but she is such a great “mom” with the children in her life. This is just one of many things that makes her a great counselor.

Maddie and I would stop by Daneah’s office in the mornings on the way out to the nursery even before Maddie could walk just to play with her animal puppets. When Maddie was a bit older, we would stop for a sticker and Daneah knew NOT to put it on Maddie’s skin as it freaked her out…she just knew...

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Gourmet Geeks Strike Again!

cimg8435.JPGI think that this was the most interesting Gourmet Geek night yet! Of course, great food and great conversation permeated the entire evening, but what is most important is that Maddie actually ATE what we made! It surprises me how particular she can be about food because when she was a baby she ate almost everything and loved it! Our pasta dish and appetizer of Rachel Ray’s chicken meatballs was a success in her book though!

We finished cooking and eating just in time because the lights went out at the Links around 7:30. The weather wasn’t bad – they just went out. Maddie was sure that the leprechuan’s had come to her house to play a trick on her because they had been going to her class every day during the week to make messes before the children showed up to school...

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Valentine’s Day with the Gourmet Geeks

Andy and Jeff - The Gourmet GeeksNothing says I love you like….

broadcasting the third episode of the Gourmet Geeks.

Jeff predicted on his blog The Thinking Stick that this year would be the year of Live Web and I think he is right! It captures your attention… makes you want to tune in.

I don’t know what took us so long to figure this one out, but it’s awesome on so many levels. Andy and Jeff are the Gourmet Geeks and once every couple of weeks Jeff and Daneah head over to our house to broadcast and show off their fine culinary and geeky talents! This week it was Beef Stir Fry which was preceded by a dozen red roses for both Uma and Hetta. This week we introduced Uma’s mom, Um, and introduced Hetta’s mom, He. Reasons why this is a good thing:

  • Maddie LOVES Daneah and Jeff as they have known her since before she was e...
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May Holiday Rocks!

TV Turn Off Week was not too bad – Maddie spent most of her time running around instead of watching her favorite cartoons. This usually meant that she was EXHAUSTED in the evenings when it was time for bed. She was even EXHAUSTED when the May Holiday started on Saturday! Pics like this don’t happen that often anymore because Maddie is always on the go!

Jeff and Daneah were coming over for brunch so Maddie and I prepared by making sugar cookies! When Maddie is at school, every Friday is “Cooking Day” so when I told her that we were going to cook, she told me that it must be Friday! There was flour from floor to ceiling, but we had lots of fun and Maddie is quite the little mixer. We didn’t quite finish when Jeff and Daneah showed up so we’ll have to save the frosting and sprinkles sess...

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