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We found a bug!

We all find bugs everyday but we’ve been noticing them a lot more lately since Maddie is heading out to really cool Bug and Insect Field Trip soon. We walked out our front door the other day and look what we saw!  Can anybody tell me what it is?? :)


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BUGS – My 7 – 11 Week in Review –

Maddie is addicted to bugs right now. I’m actually quite amazed because she is such a girls girl. She loves make-up, dresses, tea parties, nail polish….. and spiders, worms, and bugs! Ever since her class went on their first field trip to the Insect Museum, she’s enthralled with starting her own collection.

Malin’s mom is a first grade teacher at school and ordered some silkworms with mulberry leaves for Maddie’s class. The kids have been watching the worms for the past week eat and eat and eat and eat. Finally, today they came to class and one of them had started to build its cocoon. It was actually even fascinating for me to see the little guy through the thin cocoon working diligently inside to make it stronger and thicker.

Maddie is even collecting bugs at home to take into class...

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