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Dress Up!

For the record…

“Cowgirls don’t cry…”

Great weekend here… lazy enough so that the girls had time to play dress-up!  Meelie keeps saying she’ll get older so that she can ride horses like jiejie!!!

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Christmas Concerts…

It seems that the season is in full swing.  While we were eating our Turkey, we were putting up our Christmas tree and the holiday concerts at school are keeping everyone busy.  Maddie practiced and practiced for her role as a chime player.  She did beautifully and didn’t mind sharing the stage a bit with Amelia.  In the end, Amelia wants to grow up and be Maddie.  So when she has the opportunity to step into Maddie’s shoes, she does it!!  Here is the link for video starring Madeline and Amelia:

and embedded….

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Halloween 2010

How did this happen?  Halloween was a month ago… Turkey Day has come and gone and now it’s almost Christmas!  I’ll catch up on blogging over the Winter Holiday but in the meantime….

Halloween was once again wonderful out at the Links.  So many people have moved out here now and it’s so different from what it was when we moved out here 6 years ago.  Six years ago, over 70% of the houses were empty and Halloween lasted 20 minutes.  All of the houses are now full and there was plenty of candy to be had so it took almost 90 minutes to fill our bags.

Maddie was the go-go dancer but I think it was Amelia who was most enthused about the dancing part.  She was dressed as candy corn but quickly turned into pop-candy corn!

Maddie's Class plus an Amelia...

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Why Eating Takes So Long…

Sometimes, you just need chopsticks to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!

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Amelia’s Apology

Amelia like many two year olds can’t quite get the words together fast enough to say what it is that she wants to say… totally normal.  As a result, she gets frustrated and reacts… totally normal.  Unfortunately, her reaction is sometimes biting.  She knows she’s wrong but sometimes the steam just has gotta get out somehow!  Ms. Zhou found me at school the other day and told me that Amelia had bitten Eva on the arm after Eva tried to take Amelia’s food.  Sigh… I think she bit Eva so hard that Eva had teeth marks on her skin for a few days.  So…. Amelia decided to apologize.  Watch the video below…

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Sisterly Love…

Maddie is really enjoying being a sister these days. I think the reason for it is because Amelia just basically wants to BE Maddie. For now, Maddie likes this. I suspect Maddie will go back and forth and how she feels like this but for now, she loves it. One of her favorite things to do is paint Amelia’s fingers and toes. Amelia is so excited she can hardly sit still for the process!!! One must paint nails before ballet class though…



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Maddie Bakes a CAKE… and enjoys her vacation

Whew… when you’re 6, life is good.  Cooking, being an artist… dancing and laughing through life. The cake, by the way, is the belated cake for her sister Amelia.  Amelia was napping during the cooking sequence.

Note the stop action movie below thanks to the Mac application SAM and iMovie.  (Dad’s first attempt at both programs)

Maddie Makes a Cake from Andrew Torris on Vimeo.

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Happy Birthday Miss Amelia!

One year already – how did that happen?

We celebrated Amelia’s first birthday this week.  Maddie counted the days down on the calendar and she helped me choose the type of cake we would make for the celebration.  Maddie and I rushed home after school so that we could get started on the cake.  Maddie actually did everything for the preparation.  She was so intent on making Amelia’s cake perfect.  She measured and added all of the ingredients, mixed the batter by hand and even set the timer on the oven. Maddie’s favorite part was making the pink icing and then decorating Amelia’s cake. 

Amelia simply giggled the entire night.  We sang happy birthday, took some pretty pictures and then BLAM!  Amelia practically jumped into the cake...

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A Walk in the Park

There’s a park near our house!  I knew there was a park, but I didn’t know how close it was until Maddie, Amelia and I went out for a walk to feed the ducks.  Who knew that feeding ducks could turn out to be so funny!  It was just a beautiful day full of sunshine and light…  make sure you check out the video below to hear what we heard from Amelia!


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I love this picture!

cimg9894.JPGcimg9902.JPGIt was one of those perfect moments…

the grass was green

Lester was hanging around

Amelia was laughing with the toys in her tent

Maddie was remembering when she sat in the same tent as a wee-little one

Saturday’s weather was absolutely perfect in Shanghai. Note the blue sky – you don’t see that very much! It was bit windy, but fortunately, the backyard of our house is sheltered from the sea winds. Can you say “lazy afternoons?” I’ll take every single one of them I can get! :)

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7 months

The girl… is seven months old today. She’s really starting to come into her own. Her personality is so much different than Maddie’s – they are both so unique! One thing is for sure, every time Maddie walks in the door from a long day at school, Amelia lights up. You can just see the thoughts running through her head…. “my people! my people are home!!!”


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Can She Get Any Happier?

cimg8914.JPGI think there is a reason for it…. Amelia is really happy. I think the reason she is sooooo happy is because Maddie has finally included her in the family drawings. For the past 6 months, Maddie has been drawing pictures of Maddie, daddy, and mommy. When people ask her where Amelia is in the picture, she quickly explains that Amelia is in mommy’s tummy. Well, in Maddie’s mind Amelia has finally earned the spot in the family outside of mommy’s tummy. I love this story! This is one of those stories that you tell over and over and over again. When Maddie and Amelia are both old and grey, they’ll be talking about how Maddie kept Amelia in the womb for 6 months longer that really necessary! :)

We love you so much Maddie Anna and Amelia loves you too… she loves being included!!! :)


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Special Maddie Day

cimg8734.JPGOne day over Spring Break we decided to take a special Maddie day.  Why?  We wanted to be able to devote 100% of our attention to Maddie for a short moment in time.  She has been such a great sister to Amelia and thought this would be kind of fun for her… time alone with mom and dad.

 Here’s what Maddie discovered right away – she missed Amelia. As soon as we got in the car and drove away from the house, Maddie had tears running down her cheeks because she thought Amelia would be sad and that Amelia would miss us.  In an odd way, this made me feel really, really good.  It just goes to show ya – Amelia is part of our family! :)

We persevered though and made our way to Super Brand Mall where we shopped a bit and made a lot of noise as Andy threw Maddie up on his shoulders...

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Amelia Turns 6 Months Old Today!

cimg8651.JPGAmelia Mabel is growing up soooooooooo fast. She’s a happy, healthy, patient, funny baby and definitely goes with the flow of our family. We walk around the house and see pictures of us before we had her and it just seems like something is missing in those pictures! :)

She’s cute as a button with her roley-poley legs and I’m thankful for that… there is nothing better than seeing a healthy baby thrive!

We love you very, very much Amelia Mabel… er, um… Meli…er, um… Amilla… er, um… Scooter Ma-Rooster!

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Amelia Eats… Real Food!

cimg7966.JPGWhat a great day this was… it will go down in history!

Maddie was a full six months before starting to eat real people food, but Miss Amelia…. she just can’t wait. I honestly believe that one of the reasons she is ready is because of her interest level. Amelia has been watching Maddie at the dinner table for weeks and I think she has actually learned something by doing so.

So we broke out the Earth’s Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal (like the plug?) and she about more than I thought she would! It kind of reminds me of a young baby bird chirping away with an open mouth, wanting more food. She loved it! :)

Maddie was actually the first one to give Amelia the food and then she and dad took turns and fought over who was next...

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The Girl is Growing!

cimg7641.JPGAmelia had her four month check up today.  We’ve been talking about it for weeks and Maddie has been trying to prepare Amelia for the shots.  Maddie has decided that she is brave for everything except for shots and that Amelia should not even try to be brave for the shots… it just doesn’t work.  Rather than use those doctor office band-aids Maddie wanted to bring a special Barbie band-aid for Amelia.  Barbie…  what happened to the infatuation with Dora?!

Amelia is 15.7 pounds now!  She’s in the 95% for height and the 90% for weight which means she is well balanced and healthy! :)  Maddie was not this big at four months… she was tall, but skinny.  She’s still that way – must be her infatuation with fruits and vegetables!


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Dinner in Suzhou

Amelia’s followersWhen we were in Suzhou, we went out to dinner for Beijing duck with both Amelia and Maddie along for the ride. The last time we were there was with Barb and Earl a year ago and Maddie was a bit of a celebrity. This is when I wrote the Special Child Syndrome post. Maddie is a beautiful, smart, kind and sensitive young girl. She is keenly aware that her little sister sometimes steals the show these days. When Amelia was first born, I was so thankful to all of the people that brought little presents for Maddie TOO and thankful to the people that still said hello to Maddie first. As I think about it, all of these people were mostly westerners… they experience families with two children all of the time. Most Chinese do not experience families with two children AND they love babies...

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Sleeping Beauties

Maddie Sleeps

I went to wake the girls up this morning and found them both in the exact same position! Maddie had moved just a pinch but still had one hand behind her head. Maddie got plenty of laughs out of these pictures today. She’s convinced that Amelia is a copycat!! :)

Amelia Sleeps

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How Time Flies!

We are back to Shanghai and in full jet-lag mode so we’re sorting through pictures to try and stay awake. There are so many that I want to share, but these jump out at me. Who is who and when are the questions! Hint: Maddie had hair as a baby…

Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl?

Maddie & Elena 2003

Maddie & Elena 2007

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Way up high and way down low

Miss Amelia is getting stronger and stronger by the minute it seems. Way back when (like five days ago) Amelia would sit ever so quietly on your lap. She has now figured out that she can move around a bit. I suspected this was coming because when I find her in the cot after a night’s sleep, she has been turned around at least 90 degrees. All from squirming too! She now sits on lap for about, oh, four seconds before she straightens her back like a board and pushes off with her feet. It’s worth a few giggles!

One reason she is getting stronger is because of the tummy time and the flying time. She’s flies quite well in dad’s hand and holds her head up just like a hero. She also thinks that tummy time is pretty cool when she has something to gaze upon...

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