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SAS Concert Series…

Maddie Anna and the entire elementary school performed at a recent concert and this one was by far one of our favorites. We’ve put it on our Apple TV and every time I walk into the room, either Amelia or Maddie has put it on and they are singing along with The Unicorn Song all over again! :) It was extra special that Maddie was able to sing with Mrs. Tucker whom she had for Art last year.

I especially love the video that Julie Wild made to go alone with the song. She photoshopped each child into a picture that coincided with the words of the song. Watch for Maddie and the green alligator!

You may watch the video below or view it by clicking here.

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Maddie’s Move In Day!

Just because you have a new house, doesn’t mean you get to move in!! You have to get some of the comforts of home in the place or it’s just a big empty shell. What strikes me the most in a new house is the empty wall space, but I just need to remind myself that the walls have to create their own memories and tell their own stories – you can’t force it! So, memory number one:

New TV in the background, complete with cable. Old TV on the floor, completely turned off. What does the old TV offer that the new TV doesn’t? A REFLECTION! Every chance she could, Maddie grabbed the cord and held it like a microphone as she sang her heart out to her reflection in the TV screen...

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