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Maddie Makes Dinner

There is a running joke in our family. Mom can’t cook. Freaks mom out. So…. when dad leaves, mom agonizes over dinner. However, Maddie is stepping up to the task. We found some recipes online and she took charge. I started the marinade for the pork chops in the morning, but she took it from there.

Maddie made orange joyce and soy sauce marinated port chops. She even reduced the sauce so that we could pour it over the brown rice. See the recipe here:

And then she blanched some asparagus and even put the asparagus in an ice bath! She didn’t have almonds so she decided to use pine nuts in the lemon butter sauce for the asparagus. Delicious: ...

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Dear S.C.,

She is so hopeful… to be a kid again!


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Brown Bear Visits

You all know the book – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


It was Maddie’s weekend to bring Brown Bear home. As tempting as it was sit at home and relax this weekend, we picked ourselves up by the bootstraps and showed Brown Bear a good time in Shanghai. On Saturday, Brown Bear helped Maddie make a card and wrap a present for William’s birthday party at Mega-Fit. Brown Bear had a blast at William’s party too, seeing all of “his” classmates and posing with the birthday boy himself.

cimg8543.JPGcimg8555.JPGcimg8557.JPGpict4455.JPGBrown Bear then joined us over at Cooper’s house for dinner because he just didn’t have enough time with babies...

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Making Dumplings!

cimg7877.JPGThe end of Chinese New Year is marked by the Lantern Festival. The Links had a party for its residents and made it super kid friendly. They hired people to come in and teach the kids, but Ms. Zhou stepped in to teach them!! I had to laugh because when she tried to teach me, she gave up and had the original helpers translate her directions. Her dough is always so round with the thinnest edges and thicker center. When you fold them in half, there is a special pinching technique that needs to occur on both sides. I could only get it right on one side while the other looked seriously deformed. The entire time Maddie just plotted away like she’s been doing this for ages… roll, roll, chopsticks with filling, pinch, pinch. Show off!!

The dumplings were yummy – even if they were slightly d...

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Making Brownies

Andy and I have been at workshops so Maddie has been spending time with Grandma Barbara and her cousins, Elena and Ethan. I know she loves the time with them, but I miss her so much when I’m away from her… you know, distance makes the heart grow fonder! Summer is supposed to be OUR time so I feel like the workshops are intruding on that sacred time.

When we got home though, Maddie begged to make brownies. What a perfect time to use our new mixer!

Then of course we had to use our new convection oven!

But of course, we had to eat some of the batter before baking the brownies!

Of course… it was good quality time!!!

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