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May Holiday Rocks!

TV Turn Off Week was not too bad – Maddie spent most of her time running around instead of watching her favorite cartoons. This usually meant that she was EXHAUSTED in the evenings when it was time for bed. She was even EXHAUSTED when the May Holiday started on Saturday! Pics like this don’t happen that often anymore because Maddie is always on the go!

Jeff and Daneah were coming over for brunch so Maddie and I prepared by making sugar cookies! When Maddie is at school, every Friday is “Cooking Day” so when I told her that we were going to cook, she told me that it must be Friday! There was flour from floor to ceiling, but we had lots of fun and Maddie is quite the little mixer. We didn’t quite finish when Jeff and Daneah showed up so we’ll have to save the frosting and sprinkles sess...

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TV Turn Off Week – Day 1

I thought for sure there would be no way this would fly! Maddie without her cartoons? Me without my American Idol? Then the strangest thing happened when Andy and I got home from school today around 5:00. Maddie was upstairs playing with Ms. Zhou and when she heard us come in, she galloped down the stairs, screaming “NO TV MOMMY – NO TV DADDY – I SAID, NO TV!”

This week marks TV Turn Off Week or for the really hardcore folks out there, it’s a screen free week, including computers. Hmf! I’m not that hardcore! Maddie grabbed my hand and told me that SHE wanted to read a book to ME. She read me a quick story about butterflies and took both Andy and I outside for some serious chalk writing on the back porch...

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Maddie’s FIRST Golf Tourny!

I gotta say this… Maddie’s daddy deserves A LOT of credit. When a major golf tournament comes to town, I’m guessing that most men think, “wahoo – guys day out!” Did I mention that he had VIP tickets which were donated by the Sr. VP of HSBC? Well, daddy decided to take Maddie and mommy to a day of golf… with Ernie Els, Paul Casey, and Retief Goosen to name a few.

Maddie decided to wear her pinkest dress possible for the 2007 BMW Asian Golf Classic here in Shanghai. We arrived at 8:00am with our VIP tickets and parking pass in hand and made our way to the Fairway Club where we showed the nice people are VIP tickets so that we could enter...

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April 16-20 Week in Review!

It was so nice to get home from Jingdezhen as I sure missed my hubby and my Maddie! I’m glad that I left though because I’ve decided that Andy MUST be a guest writer on this blog more often than not. I love to “hear” his voice on the blog and I hope that Maddie can “hear” that same voice when she reads this blog when she is 18!

Maddie is studying life cycles at school. I mentioned a few weeks ago how Malin’s mommy brought in tadpoles and the children have been watching them turn into frogs right in front of their eyes. Now they are reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to study how caterpillars turn into butterflies...

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90 Minute baths, Naps on the Way to Lunch and a Weekend with Father

Madeline’ s mother took a measured risk this weekend and left Madeline with me, her father. Not that can’t cook or clean, as I am certainly capable of that and I think Amanda would publically admit that I do most, if not all the cooking. This is part of a verbal “contract” we agreed to before we got married. More on that one later, as I think we may be headed to some mediation on that topic.

Anyway…. Madeline has had a pretty good weekend for a three years old. I have probably earned Father of the year.

Yesterday (Saturday) she and I headed over to school which is about 3 blocks away. This, after some quality french toast made just for her on the stove...

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Happy Easter 2007!

This year Easter has been the holiday that just keeps going and going and going… it’s been great, but it has been more life Easter week instead of Easter day with the numerous celebrations! First we celebrated Easter and school (twice), then we received an Easter basket from Grandma Dotty on Wednesday, then the Links had an Easter egg hunt Friday night, then we colored Easter eggs over the weekend at home for an Easter egg hunt at home and then we went to Sunday Brunch for yet another Easter egg hunt. That’s this entry in an “egg”shell so unless you want more details, stop reading now! 😉

We actually boiled the eggs on Saturday but ran out of time for coloring because of the Annie musical...

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Annie the Musical or Annie the Horse?

When we woke up this morning, we called Grandma Dotty in Tucson and chatted with her a bit. Of course, every time Maddie talks to Grandma Dotty she asks about her horse, Annie. Maddie loves horses as most children do. She always acts like a horse, galloping and neighing about, and her favorite movie is Spirit (aka: The Horsey Movie). She even enters her classroom every morning in a full gallop and gives our a big neigh to her teacher!

When we got off the phone with Grandma, we told Maddie that we were going to see the SAS Middle School musical at school that night. You should’ve seen the excitement in her eyes when we told her it was “Annie”. As soon as I said Annie, I knew what she was thinking. We tried to explain all day long that we were getting on a plane to go to Tucson to se...

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April 2 – 6 Week in Review

When Maddie’s teacher first saw the last week in review she made a very good point to me. At this age, our children’s lives completely focus around school. It makes sense too. Maddie comes home at 3:00 and sleeps until 5:00 when Andy and I get home. We talk about the day and play for an hour before dinner at 6:00 and then take a bath at 6:30 for bed. We follow up with Maddie’s favorite “doctor show” (Grey’s Anatomy – this is another blog entry) and few books before heading to sleep at 7:30. Then we do the same thing all over again the next day!

Maddie’s teacher had a tank full of goldfish in the classroom. First there were 12 goldfish and now we are down to one...

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Spring has Sprung!

Here come Peter Cottontail! All of these songs that I’ve long forgotten keep popping into my head all over again! Maddie had an Easter party at school today. Ah, yes, there’s that word that probably get one in trouble if they mentioned it in a public stateside school. Maddie celebrated EASTER at SCHOOL today! I’m being a bit obnoxious here, but I’m treasuring everything about life these days!

She made bunny ears, colored eggs, went on an Easter egg hunt, ate chocolate, ate even more chocolate…. did I mention she ate chocolate? It was such a special day for her because this really the first time she’s ever gotten it. Maddie loved it that both Andy and I showed up to share the time with her. We showed up just in time to have some chocolate cake for Narumi’s birthday part!!

After scho...

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