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Maddie’s Show and Tell Day

Maddie had a show and tell day last year and she brought in her two stuffed horses – they were actually unicorns, but don’t tell her that! It was early in the school year and she really didn’t have a lot to say about them.

When we found out that today was her first show and tell day this year, we talked about what she wanted to bring in and share with the class. A stuffed animal? no…. A favorite book? no…. She thought of bringing in her own golf club all by herself!

I didn’t even have to “give” her the words as she just started rambling on and on and on and on. Daddy bought me this hat in a store – in America. He said I had to wear it if he bought it. It’s my golf hat. Daddy bought me my golf club. Don’t swing it high or someone will get a bonk...

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Maddie’s First Day of School!! Take 2

I have a daughter….
I have a daughter who is in her second year of school….
Maddie has grown up and she’s an official member of Ms. Preeti’s Pre-K 4 class.

It was slight torture for her because school actually started on Thursday but the school was “evaluating” all of the new kids in order to find the right placement for them. So much to Maddie’s chagrin, she had to extend her summer vacation and extra few days… she hated that!!

She was ready to show off her new backpack from her birthday and her new Dora the Explorer watch from the knock-off market. There was just enough change for her too as she had a different classroom and a different aide, but she still has the same teacher. This is a good thing because Preeti knows Maddie...

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Happy 4th Birthday Madeline!!

We’ve been back a week and found that both blogger AND youtube are blocked in China so it takes TIME to get the posts up and running. This post is worth it though as it’s all about Maddie’s 4th birthday!

She woke up just a bit cranky but came around a bit and surprisingly did not want others to know that it was her birthday. We went swimming with Cooper in the morning, but she didn’t want to tell him it was her birthday. She only wanted mom and dad to know. Things that make you go, hmmmmmm……

We went to the Links’ store and Maddie decided to buy a chocolate cake with chocolate icing! Between the three of us, I’m pretty sure we got chocolate in every nook and cranny in the kitchen! Maddie thoroughly enjoyed licking the bowl and I think she’s coming around to the camp of believers in b...

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