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First Morning with a New Sister!!


I’ve just realized something… it took Amelia’s arrival to make me realize this certain something. I admit it to it readily and take full responsibility for my actions:

I’ve been a Maddie Hog. :)

I just love her so much and want to do things with her… I love brushing her hair. I love the routine we have in brushing her teeth. I love the song I sing when I wake her up in the morning. Fortunately for Maddie, Amelia’s arrival is going to let her experience these things with dad more often. Dad will probably get too wake her up and brush her hair and brush her teeth more often now… this always means that dad gets to negotiate how to brush her hair and teeth now too!! HA!

Today Maddie woke up and asked to have Amelia sleep her in bed with her for a few minutes...

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And then there were FOUR!!!!

Maddie’s world became very flat today indeed. She woke up as the sole little girl in our household and is going to sleep with a sister in hands and heart for the rest of her days!

Maddie’s sister, Amelia Mabel was born today in Shanghai, China only one block from Xintiandi which was the site of the First People’s National Communist Congress. Our friends Daneah and Jeff brought Maddie in with Carol and Ms. Zhou for a first time visit.

I’ll never forget Maddie peeking into the room for the first time. The amount of energy that took over her body was amazing. She had apparently wanted to change her clothes for the big occasion and was wearing her favorite Laura Ashley dress with her ballet slippers. She immediately ran to Amelia and begged us to hold her…. so she hopped up on the bed...

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Swimming, Snacks, Santa, Snow

Maddie has been studying the letter S in school. SSSSSSSSSSSSSS… on this Saturday we’ve been through a lot of S events! Maddie woke up talking about how it’s not really hot outside (it’s 80 degrees) and she tried to convince us that it’s Snowing and that Santa will be coming soon so we had to prepare. She put on her Summer dress but then followed up with a pair of pants, her winter coat from last year, socks, and shoes. Ain’t she cute??!!!!

After convincing her that it wasn’t Christmas time yet, we hopped in the car and went over to Puxi because daddy was the Official Ceremony Starter for the swim meet. Just think, he’s had tons of education and has recently been promoted to Deputy Superintendent…. just to say, “Swimmers – on your mark!” Maddie and I were so proud of him!
After hitt...

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Still Three and Loving Life…

I dropped Maddie off at school this morning fully expecting that the next time I saw here would be with sister in hand. Ends up that sister is just as stubborn as Maddie and will do things her own way in her own time. She’s moved to an “unfavorable” position so we’ll just a little bit longer…

Today was an important day at school for Maddie though. It was the annual Shanghai American School Spirit Walk. Every time we get Maddie’s House Shirt out, she just starts giggling. This year, she wrote us invitation to participate with her – which we couldn’t do, but I was able to snap this pic beforehand. Maddie is a PUMA, Ms. Preeti is a PUMA, Malin is a PUMA…. Maddie couldn’t be happier! I amazed that she knows and recognizes all of the House names...

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Last Night of Three – Maybe….

Maddie has been a very healthy child. There – I said it. JINX!

Amazingly, I could probably count on one hand the number of times Maddie has had a fever. When she does get them though, they always seem to hang out for a long time. Now I’m staring tho think she may actually have some type of control over the timing of these fevers… wouldn’t that be amazing?

Amelia is “scheduled” to arrive sometime tomorrow so it’s our last night of three at home – not including Lester and the fish. We’ve had a great day and a great night. Because yesterday was a Typhoon Day (not like the snow days I experienced growing up), Maddie and I accomplished quite a lot...

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Maddie Became a Baby

There will be four years between Maddie and Amelia. I like the age difference because Maddie is her own person with her own life with her own memories. She’s old enough to remember Amelia coming home for the very first time. As “the day” approaches, Maddie is becoming a bit more…. baby-like. At the beginning of the pregnancy, Maddie was convinced that SHE was never a baby. Pics we would show her from her first year of life were of “somebody else” and the the ultrasound picture we have framed of her was NOT of Maddie.

Every once in awhile though…. she wants to be the baby. It started with her sliding out of bed in the mornings and actually crawling into our room. When we set the crib up, she had to show us that she really did fit and that she could sleep in the crib...

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Dad Took the Keys…

We had the car. We were ready for school. Recognizing we would get drenched just walked in the car in the driveway, Maddie was prepared.

Rain boots – check
Rain coat – check
Umbrella – check

Keys to the car – no check!!!

Oops! Dad took them with him so we though we would try to walk to school. HELLO?? We live on the Links!!!! The Links is on White Dragon Bag and when it rains hard, it rains sideways. We made it one house down and turned around. After changing clothes, we called dad and enjoyed (just a little bit) the moment he realized the keys were in his pocket!

We waited the rain out and just had a leisurely hour at home. There is this great website for her that Ms. Preeti has on her blog page. So we just sat there and played on the computer(s)...

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Think of Solutions!

The Wang Dang Dingers that I’ve written about still happen and actually they are happening a little bit more now that Amelia is close to arriving. BUT, Maddie does sometime choose to listen to reason at times. Today she came home with a heart balloon from school and within five minutes she had let it go in our entryway. Our entryway goes all the way up to the second floor so from her point of view it was a lost cause and the balloon was lost forever.

Enter: Wang Dang Dinger


Me: “Now Maddie, I need you to think. Do you want the balloon down?”
Maddie: “Yes, but I can’t reach it… I’m too small.”
Me: “Now Maddie, think. Don’t give up – let’s use our mind. How can we get that balloon down?”
Maddie: “I don’t know Mommy” she said with a hopeful look like I may have an idea.
Me: “...

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Stay at Home Mom

As of Friday, September 7 I officially went on maternity leave. I am now a stay at home mom for the next 10 weeks. Me… stay at home mom. I never thought those two would appear in the same sentence! I will enjoy the benefits though and especially enjoy these last few weeks of Maddie and Me time. I know that we’ll still still have Maddie and Me time after Amelia arrives just like I’ll have Amelia and Me time, but I’m sensing that my girl needs some reassurance.

Every morning we have the same ritual. Dad gives us kisses and heads to work. We eat breakfast together. Maddie feeds the fish and then we drive to school...

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