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100 Days of School… already!

Where is this year going? Maddie went to school today knowing that the entire day would be one big celebration. It was the day to mark 100 days of school and a day to prepare more for Chinese New Year. When she got home after school, she was bursting at the seams because she didn’t know what to tell me about first. It all kind of came out together! So, here Maddie singing a Chinese New Year song while wearing her 100 day hat!

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Singing for Chinese New Year!

Maddie Chinese New Year Dress

We tried on Maddie’s traditional Chinese dress last Friday and quickly figured out that she had grown out of it again so we made our way to the fabric market and she picked out the fabric for her tailor made dress. I was delightfully gobsmacked that she chose blue. BLUE! “Jim” remembered us from the last two times we went to have a dress made and Maddie even remembered him so she conversed with him while he measured her for the dress. I may be a pinch biased, but I think she looked pretty darn cute in her dress! The girl is growing up so fast, but we’ll see if this lasts through the summer.

Her class performed on stage again this year and she did a great job! She wasn’t shy the least bit and even encouraged some of her friends onto the stage.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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Snow Days in Shanghai

Snowman Number Two!Seventeen years! It hasn’t snowed in Shanghai like this in seventeen years. We woke up this morning to a very bright and quiet Shanghai. The snow had definitely accumulated overnight so it was time to put Amelia down for a nap and head outside for Maddie’s first real snowman. So what do you need? A fashionable scarf to keep it “warm”, a carrot for a nose, two brussel sprouts for eyes, a cool hat with braids, a couple of twigs for arms and a baby monitor to make sure the baby doesn’t wake up!

Maddie rolled and rolled the snow to make huge snowballs. We had the great idea to run inside to make a sign to commemorate the day and when we returned outside we found that our first snowman had fallen down. So… we made a second snowman...

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All Smiles and Growing Up!

Amelia 4 monthsSunday mornings are the best around here these days.  The girls wake up and all four of us jump into our bed for a full hour of conversation and laughter.  The laughter continues on for the entire morning – all the way through ballet – all the way through the weekly grocery shopping.  And then the evening hits…   I think I’ll just try and remember these smiles! :)

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Back To School!

Back to school for the second term, completely relaxed from an amazing trip home. We came back to a mixed bag, but everything always seems to work itself out. We had new fish! Our new ayi went and bought seven friends for Pedro :) But Lester went missing for a full week. Thank goodness for Ms. Zhou because she had the time and perseverance to walk around calling out Lester’s name. The poor cat was caught in a trap and stuck under a bush. It has been near freezing and/or raining all week so we were happy to get him back! We’re back in the swing of things around here.

Back to School

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How Time Flies!

We are back to Shanghai and in full jet-lag mode so we’re sorting through pictures to try and stay awake. There are so many that I want to share, but these jump out at me. Who is who and when are the questions! Hint: Maddie had hair as a baby…

Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl?

Maddie & Elena 2003

Maddie & Elena 2007

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Maddie Learns to Bowl Wii Style!

Maddie Bowls

On New Year’s Eve, Elena and Ethan came over while we went out for dinner at Higgins and a show of Pink Martini. Now, we are parents of a 3 month old so sometimes things don’t always work out as planned. When the phone rang two numbers into the concert, we hopped in the car and headed home for the evening.

When we came home, everyone was very interested in the Wii games that Elena got for Christmas. Maddie was already in the system and I was amazed at how quickly she learned how to “do the Wii.” If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see the Maddie had either a strike or a spare every frame. I see a future here! :) I’m just so glad that she gets so much joy out of life and her experiences. Happy New Year Miss Maddie and a Happy New Year to my Miss Amelia Mabel!...

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The Slow Boat to Shanghai

Maddie and Amelia’s First ChristmasWe leave tomorrow a.m. bright and early for Shanghai.  This trip has been simply remarkable in so many ways.  Maddie has changed so much since the last time we were home and Amelia, well, this has been her first trip on American soil and she too has changed in leaps and bounds

Maddie really started to “get” that America and Shanghai were two different things over the summer.  Over the summer, we were in the States for almost six weeks and it was simply fun setting up our new house and her new room.  This time we have been in our new home for nearly three weeks and she has spent the last week talking about Shanghai.  I think the day after Christmas, she started mentioning Shanghai four to five times a day...

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