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Life lines from home…

It has happened. Everything was confirmed when I hopped on Twitter the other day and looked at my history from the night before. My husband put it down in black and white. We are all homesick right now… Maddie included. She’s been waking up saying things like, “mommy? I have an idea! ” (She always has an idea.) “Um, um, um, um, um… tee, hee, hee… um, um, um, um… tee, hee, hee… um.” (Apparently it’s now cool to say um a lot) “Um, we could bring my bunk beds to Shanghai from America! Is that a good idea?!”

We are all craving a home that offers peace and offers us an intimacy with the environment that is just…. easier...

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Watching without words…

I don’t know why this makes me laugh so hard. Maddie and Ri-Ri are really good friends and as they both get older, they both get more opinionated! Just watch the body language here… it’s priceless! Thank goodness the days for finally staying lighter and getting warmer! By the way, your computer is working and the connections is fine… the movie IS in black and white AND has no sound. That’s why I like it! I invited you to paint the picture and write the transcript… it’s amusing!

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7 months

The girl… is seven months old today. She’s really starting to come into her own. Her personality is so much different than Maddie’s – they are both so unique! One thing is for sure, every time Maddie walks in the door from a long day at school, Amelia lights up. You can just see the thoughts running through her head…. “my people! my people are home!!!”


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A day off work is well worth it!

cimg8986.JPGThis time of year is so busy on so many levels. I’ve been wanting to get my hair cut and Maddie’s hair cut for over a month now, but we haven’t been able to find the time! Something is wrong with that so I thought it was high time to take a day just to be. Miss Amelia stayed at home while Maddie and I hopped on the Links bus down to the Portman where we caught a taxi to Benson’s where we get our haircut.

Maddie always feels like such a grown-up when we go do things like this. She laughed all day and enjoyed every single minute of our outing. She practiced her Chinese with the taxi drivers which was quite hilarious because her favorite word to yell is ting…stop!

Thanks for a great day with me Maddie Anna and thanks for making me the heart card with the purple flowers you picked...

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Can She Get Any Happier?

cimg8914.JPGI think there is a reason for it…. Amelia is really happy. I think the reason she is sooooo happy is because Maddie has finally included her in the family drawings. For the past 6 months, Maddie has been drawing pictures of Maddie, daddy, and mommy. When people ask her where Amelia is in the picture, she quickly explains that Amelia is in mommy’s tummy. Well, in Maddie’s mind Amelia has finally earned the spot in the family outside of mommy’s tummy. I love this story! This is one of those stories that you tell over and over and over again. When Maddie and Amelia are both old and grey, they’ll be talking about how Maddie kept Amelia in the womb for 6 months longer that really necessary! :)

We love you so much Maddie Anna and Amelia loves you too… she loves being included!!! :)


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Jingdezhen Calls Again

cimg8827.JPGcimg8835.JPGIn April 2007, I headed to Jingdezhen and left my family at home.  I spent most of the time in Jingdezhen wishing that they were there to experience the amazing pottery city.  Well, we had a three day weekend and really needed to get away for a few days so Jingdezhen called our name.  Now some may think that I’m crazy to take a 4 year old and a 6 month old pottery shopping, but I believe that kids must have exposure so that they can learn how to act in various situations.  I’m happy to report that both Maddie and Amelia did beautifully!!  I loved being in Jingdezhen as a family for two days.  It was a special trip in so many ways.

cimg8844.JPGMaddie became instant friends with our guide, Monty.  Monty is a college student that basically takes you around Jingdezhen for a few days...

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