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I love this… it’s a perfect reflection.  This is so developmental and it’s a perfect reflection.  As the end of the year comes to a close, all of the cool stuff starts to come home.  This is exactly how Maddie saw her name on that day – in that moment.  It made sense to her brain.  I love it!!!  Just think, it took me hours in Driver’s Education class my sophomore year of high school to teach myself how to write backwards for no reason whatsoever and now my daughter can do it without thinking twice!!!

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Sunny Shanghai Days

When the sky is blue in Shanghai, you just have to go outside and be outside.  So I lather both girls up with sunblock and let the giggles begin.  Maddie played hopscotch and Amelia rolled around on the bear blanket just laughing at Maddie jump on one foot from number to number.  I guess from Amelia’s point of view, it would be a rather strange sight! 

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The Tooth is NOT in the Tummy!!

Maddie woke me up this morning by a take-off jump. This is where she gets a huge running start from her room to ours and then throws her body onto our bed as fast as she possibly can… try to picture lets and arms going everywhere. This morning she was super excited because her second tooth was finally loose. Now, yesterday she had a really bad fall at school and fell on her chin so that may have loosened it, but it was technically the next tooth to go so I wasn’t worried… okay, okay, I was a bit worried about a recurrence of the first tooth’s destiny.

By breakfast, the tooth was out and she was giddy with excitement. We decided that it would be a really good idea to make a tooth fairy pillow so that the tooth wouldn’t get lost underneath Maddie’s big pillow...

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Elementary Field Day

It is so cool being a teacher at my daughter’s school. Seriously… even though I work full time, I am able to be there for the important stuff. When there is a class party, I can easily find somebody to cover my class. When visiting authors come to town, I can head down during my plan time. When it’s lunch time and I have a few extra minutes, I can walk out to the playground during Maddie’s recess just to say hello. When she’s sick or when she has fallen down, I can run down to her class to help her feel better at a moment’s notice. I am so lucky.

Today was one of those days with the elementary field day. The PE teachers at our school took it the extra mile this year by organizing an Olympic themed day. Maddie’s class represented Mexico and they participated in the opening ceremonie...

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Winding Down with Daneah

Things will sure be different without Daneah and Jeff around. I remember sitting in Daneah’s office at school in Yanbu back in 2002 telling her that Andy and I were going to have a baby. From the moment Maddie was born, Daneah has always been there. Daneah will never have children by choice, but she is such a great “mom” with the children in her life. This is just one of many things that makes her a great counselor.

Maddie and I would stop by Daneah’s office in the mornings on the way out to the nursery even before Maddie could walk just to play with her animal puppets. When Maddie was a bit older, we would stop for a sticker and Daneah knew NOT to put it on Maddie’s skin as it freaked her out…she just knew...

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A Mother’s Day Massage

I loved it!!! I woke up this morning to a wonderful card from Miss Maddie waiting for me AND a huge present from dad. I honestly did not know what it was… it looked like it could be a carpet bag! Andy and Maddie unwrapped it for me though and set it up. I have my very first massage table!! We each took turns having a massage, but Maddie’s massage was definitely the funniest of them all. She was 100% giggles and the giggles were contagious!

Thanks for a great Mom’s Day Maddie Anna!!

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I love this picture!

cimg9894.JPGcimg9902.JPGIt was one of those perfect moments…

the grass was green

Lester was hanging around

Amelia was laughing with the toys in her tent

Maddie was remembering when she sat in the same tent as a wee-little one

Saturday’s weather was absolutely perfect in Shanghai. Note the blue sky – you don’t see that very much! It was bit windy, but fortunately, the backyard of our house is sheltered from the sea winds. Can you say “lazy afternoons?” I’ll take every single one of them I can get! :)

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Organic Farm Field Trip


Before the May holiday, I took a day off of work so that I could accompany Maddie on a field trip to the local organic farm. I seriously was expected a small greenhouse for the kids, but what I foundcimg9438.JPG was acres and acres of greenhouses full of lots of yummy looking vegetables!

cimg9430.JPGMaddie and her 2nd grade reading buddy teamed up and spent the day taking care of each other. They started the day off getting educated about the gardening process. They gave each child three seeds that they could plant and then showed them what happened after 12 hours, 3 days, 6 days, and then 10 days. Maddie had just planted a bunch of seeds with Andy over the weekend so she was an old pro...

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Spring Has Sprung

It was 80 degrees in Shanghai today.

Let me repeat that…

It was 80 degrees in Shanghai today… nice!

Maddie wearing a sundress while investigating the grasslands behind our house, Amelia babbling in the background as she spins in her saucer, Andy grabbing a club and hitting golf balls across the golf course from our backyard. These really are the moments! Enjoy the pics and Happy Spring!




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Hong Kong Disneyland Called

cimg9637.JPGAnd said that Maddie was required to attend during her May Holiday break socimg9710.JPG we bought a couple of tickets and headed down to Hong Kong for two full days. When we said we were going to Hong Kong Disneyland, I don’t think she truly grasped what that meant. The magic in her eyes the entire day was priceless. At one point, we were watching the Golden Mickey’s and both Andy and I had tears in our eyes for a brief moment simply because Maddie was being so four. She was in awe and had such a sense of wonder in her eyes. I swear if she had been wearing sparkly, red shoes and clicked her heals then something would have happened!!

We took the subway to Sunny Bay station and transferred to the Micky Line…seriously, the windows were shapped like Mickey on the train and the moment the doors opened...

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