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Maddie’s Second Year of School

Maddie started this school year out with confidence.  She knew how to do school.  She knew the routines, she knew the teacher, she knew some friends and she was ready for Pre-K 4.  She had a brand spanking new Hello Kitty backpack, curly hair, a cheesy smile and the best “can-do” attitude possible.

This year was a big year for Maddie Anna.  She started the year as THE princess in our household and about 6 weeks into the school year, she gained a sister.  In looking back, I’m thankful that Maddie had school because it was her time, her space, her experiences.  She needed Maddie time to ease the transition into experiencing life at home with a new baby.

I loved being on maternity leave for 8 weeks because I was able to get into Maddie’s classroom like I had never done before...

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Maddie’s Portfolio Day

It’s hard to believe how fast this school year has gone for everybody.  It was just a year ago that Maddie Anna shared her first portfolio with us at the end of the school year.  Now she has shared with us again and we are so proud of her.  When she saw Andy and I waiting with the other parents, she squealed in delight and took our hands to lead us to a spot on the floor.  Maddie went through everything in her portfolio and explained how everything was soooooo important to her.

Maddie is still the youngest in her class which at this age is still a fairly big deal I guess because some kids are a full year older than Maddie.  Maddie is unphased though as she learns and loves just like everybody else...

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My Toothless Girl

I feel like I was in second grade when I sang the song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”… maybe it was earlier though because at this rate, Maddie will be in K!  We’ve been talking about going to the dentist for weeks and she was soooooo excited to go today because she couldn’t wait to show the dentist her teeth… or lack thereof.

Maddie has just gotten so big… she uses big words, does big girl things, and has big expectations of others and herself.  She was nervous when the whirl of the polisher came out and almost flipped when they asked her if she wanted a flouride treatment, but she was determined to just be BIG.  I’m feeling like I need to show her that Tom Hanks movie!!!

Anyway, check out the great smile and the cool glasses on my baby girl...

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