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So Long Summer…

This summer vacation flew by so fast – Maddie blinked and it was gone.  There were so many highlights which is great, but Maddie has found herself wanting more and more of the highlights.  Gee, life is hard.  Everything is so good and we just want more of it!  It was a year ago that we moved into our new condo and Maddie sat there singing a song at her reflection in the tv.  Now she sits and ponders…  in her words, she loves America better than Shanghai.  Why?  Because, in her words, she gets to love her grandmas and grandpas and brothers and cousins and, and, and.  She gets it.  She really gets it.

For this reason it was really, really difficult to leave home this year...

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A Walk in the Park

There’s a park near our house!  I knew there was a park, but I didn’t know how close it was until Maddie, Amelia and I went out for a walk to feed the ducks.  Who knew that feeding ducks could turn out to be so funny!  It was just a beautiful day full of sunshine and light…  make sure you check out the video below to hear what we heard from Amelia!


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Weddings are Wonderful…

Travis and Julie’s wedding was beautiful.  The birds were singing, the wind lightly rustled the leaves of the surrounding woods… it truly was wonderful.  Attached are a few of the photos…  you did a great job Maddie!!

Maddie, Harley, Hunter, Travis and the GroomsmenMaddie, Harley, Travis and the Groomsmen

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Maddie Takes on the Cornfields!

Our short little visit to Illinois was packed full of fun for everybody. The first place we pulled up to was Sissy’s house and Maddie immediately remembered the house from last year. In her words, “Mommy, I was here last year when I was a little girl!” Ha! Just another example of how Maddie believes she knows all there is to know in the world! :)

We stayed out in the “country” with my dad where Maddie could pass the corn fields and bean fields as we raced to and from town. She was so impressed that the corn was taller than she was at the ripe age of four. On the second night in town we had dinner out at my dad’s house where Maddie investigated every nook and cranny of his yard...

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Great American Tour – Tucson Stop

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in Tucson for five full days.  What can you accomplish in five days when you are still jetlagging a bit and it’s hotter than blue blazes outside?  Well….  one can accomplish a lot – especially if your name is Madeline Anna DeCardy-Torris.

Tonight was our last night so we decided to take Maddie out for a steak dinner and there just happen to be a balloon man at the restaurant.  Now, you must know how shy Maddie has been most of her short little life.  Tonight was just another example of how she has grown so much this year.  She looked “Ballon Man” square in the eyes and answered his quesitons about color choice freely...

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Grandma’s Record Player

While we were in Tucson, Maddie learned all about the record player.  My mom has kept most of my records for me so we had a bit of fun going through my favorites and singing along with the LPs.  Teaching Maddie about the needle on the record player was the most interesting.  She wanted to keep placing the needle on the records and taking the needle off so she could do it again.  Can you hear it?  You know… that sound of the needle running across the record???  :)

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Maddie arrives in Tucson

The girl is flying A LOT! This summer alone, she will have earned over 27,000 miles with United.  She knows that clouds are beautiful and they look soft, but they are super bumpy and make the plane jump.  It’s a rare sight to see a rainbow though and she knew that… see below – apparently she couldn’t believe it.

The day after we arrived in Tucson we made our way to the Westin La Paloma which is a favorite hangout during the summer.  We were there for the 4th of July so we swam, ate great food and of course watched fireworks.  It was a really good time – relaxing for us all!

One of my favorite photos is of Amelia eating corn on the cob.  We ate the corn, but she enjoyed the cob and enjoyed making the mess that went along with it! :)

Maddie fell in love with mom’s dog, Bear and loved h...

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Ni Hao or Yee-haw? San Antonio knows…

Andy and I made it down to San Antonio this year for the NECC conference and we decided to go down a day early so that we could take Madeline to Sea World.  Man, is this kid lucky or what?  In the matter of just a few months she gets to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong and Sea World in the States!

What’s cool about this trip is that Grandma Dotty picked us up at the airport in San Antonio because she drove out to Texas from Tucson.  The very next day we made it to Sea World where the heat was very hard to beat.  We bought some sun shade hats though and made our way through the theme park.  There were so many highlights for the day, but I do think that Maddie’s favorite was the dolphin feeding tank...

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