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Maddie and Amelia Discover Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc island is probably what Koh Samui was 20 years ago.  There is nothing here – I’m not complaining – seriously.  But there is nothing here for the typical tourist’s eye.  Koh Samui has been consumed by western commercialism… I hope that Phu Quoc doesn’t go that way.  It’s hard to image that it ever would after everything that we have seen.

We walked around downtown Phu Quoc and we were the only westerners as far as the eye could see.  As Maddie gets older, I’m convinced that these trips that we are privileged enough to take are exactly what Maddie (and Amelia) needs.  Our girls live a pretty good life.  They are safe, have a good home, a good school, good friends… life is comfortable.  I want her to see that not everybody lives the way we do...

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Island Time…

We have no idea what time it is…

We eat when we are hungry…

We sleep when we are sleepy…

We swim when we are HOT (all of the time)

We are on island time….

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McDonald’s Drive-Thru in China!

Andy stopped by Mickey Dee’s on the way home from work this week and got a Happy Meal.  Loved the interactive gift inside!!  Maddie was obviously excited as well…. :)

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Maddie’s Reading Buddy

I love stumbling up things like this at school!  I was working on a 5th/6th grade transition wiki at school today and when I walked into a 5th grade classroom, one of the girls turned to me and said, “are you Maddie’s mom?”  She then went on to explain that she was Maddie’s reading buddy!  It’s funny because this school is starting to feel suspiciously like Cheers; cue: Cheer’s Theme Song now.

They had Reading Buddies scheduled right after my interaction with the 5th grade class so I snapped this pic as they got started! :) 

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