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Entertainment on a rainy day…

I came home from school today to hear quite the ruckus coming out of our garage.  Callie was barking loudly and it sounded like Amelia was squeeling at the top of her lungs.  I couldn’t tell if it was crying or laughing…

This is what I saw:

Maddie had put Lester the cat in the kennel on the right and then moved the kennel right next to Callie’s cage.  You see, Lester intimidates Callie.  I mean, REALLY scares Callie.  Callie barks and tries to run away while Lester chases her and jumps on her back.  This little scenario was sending Callie over the edge much to Maddie and Amelia’s joy!!  Maddie sat there with a delightful smirk on her face and Amelia squeeled!

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Maddie’s frog Moovie (Maddie typed the title!)

Maddie came home all excited because she had tadpoles in her classroom the other day.  She was telling me all about the life cycle of a frog so I asked her if she wanted to make a movie.  Being our kid, of course she wanted to make an iMovie of the frog cycle.  We searched the internet and I taught her how to right click on a Mac while I was at it.  If a five year old can do it…..

Enjoy the movie! (Email subscribers: go to the actual blog to view the movie!)

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Easing into Easter…

Three years and running Maddie has had her Easter in Shanghai.  This Easter is a bit different than years past…  in 2007, Maddie and Cooper had an Easter egg hunt in the backyardIn 2008, Amelia joined us for the first time on Easter Sunday.  This year, Maddie and Amelia woke up to the Easter Bunny’s visit but she has a HUGE class party planned for later today so we’ll shake things up a bit!  Maddie was so excited to Amelia everything in her basket.  Don’t know if I’m mom of the year or not, but the both got a sucker before breakfast.  Hey, Easter only comes once a year!!!  Happy Easter girls!!!

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Two Footed Hopskotch!

Finally, it’s spring.  Every summer I buy massive amounts of chalk in the States and bring it back to China.  It sits there in the plastic wrap, calling out Maddie’s name all winter long.   It’s agony for the poor child I tell ya.  When the chalk comes out though…. let it roll!

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