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Flying is Fun, Flying is Fun

So here’s the thing: flying with young kids is either really, really, really great or really, really, really bad. It truly is that simple. For our roundtrip from Shanghai to the States we upgraded to Business Class for what could be the last time for a long time to come. This is the last time we only pay 20% of a full fare – from here on out it will be 80% of a full fare for both girls! You can see from the look on Andy’s face that he was sooooo looking forward to the flight. Now take a look at the second photo – yes, that’s Amelia in an open seat next to him.

Looks stressful, right? :)


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So Long to Kindergarten!

Author’s Note: Mom has been busy! She has been busy enjoying life and she has been a terrible blogger lately.  Now that we are back in Shanghai, we’ll do our best to catch up!  This is the first installment of what I hope is many….


It started as a PreK3 class and then it was a PreK4 class and then it was K this year! Maddie is officially moving into single digit numbers for her grade level.  Maddie absolutely adored her Kindergarten year in school.  It was everything that it was supposed to be for her.  Her teacher was wonderful with Maddie and always seemed to know what she needed from day to day.  Her classmates all got along and they formed some great bonds...

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Celebration of Learning 2009

Every year Maddie has done a Celebration of Learning presentation at the end of the school year to show off her stuff.  When she was three years old, I was simply bamboozled that the word “chrysalis”  came out of her mouth! When she was four, I was ecstatic that she loved learning more than anything.  This year was no different and it was a very special event indeed.  I cannot believe how much she has grown and what she has accomplished this school year.  She’s just happy all of the time.  I always thought kids would wake up with belly aches sometimes and need days home from school to just chill.  Maddie is not one of those kids though. Everyday, no matter what, she wants to go to school!

sany0016The celebration of learning event was a bit different though than the other ones… this time...

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A State of Mind

Here’s proof for ya: courage is a state of mind!

Maddie has not ridden her bicycle most of this year. Her old bike has been too small and training wheels do not it on her new bike so she has simply chosen not to even bother. But then she had her “fake” birthday party where she sort of, kind of, not really turned six years old! I came home from school today and looked ahead of me to see a kid on a bike with a pink helmet coming at me. Who else could it be but Maddie with the pink helmet. And then it hit me.. she was riding her bicycle AND nobody was holding on that bicycle as she rode it.

Fortunately, I had my camera in right in my computer bag so you can at least catch my absolute shock and joy at seeing Maddie’s achieve this milestone! Make sure you go to Maddie’s blog if you are ge...

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Maddie’s Fake 6th Birthday

Not my words!  Maddie herself called it her “fake” 6th birthday!

For the past couple of years, Maddie’s birthday has kind of been at an interesting time of the year.  On August 5th, we are usually back in Shanghai but there are not really any other kids back but work is in full swing so we haven’t had a kid birthday party yet.  This year we decided to have an early birthday party for Maddie with her friends that she has had in class all year long. It was a fun day indeed!  We ordered a huge cake for Maddie’s class, had gft bags for every kid in class, and gave the kids icecream just add a bit more sugar to their systems! :) Maddie’s classmates made a book for her where each person drew a picture and wrote a sentence about what they like about her...

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