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Maddie is a FIRST grader!

SANY0313No more Ks in her grade level anymore – this is the real deal!

Maddie had her first day of school as a first grader!  She has been waking up all week long asking immediately if she could go to school.  Of course, I let her go to school as we were working but no other kids were there so I think it lost its charm with her! :)SANY0315

Amelia helped Maddie choose her clothes and then she was out the door.  I was actually very impressed with Amelia’s attitude.  Bye JieJie was all she said and then was fine living her life! :)

Maddie met her teacher Mrs. Voge and put the things in her cubbie.  Maddie and Elaine actually have a history together but I think Maddie was just too young to remember...

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Happy Birthday to Maddie!

SANY0299I tell ya – that Maddie Anna is one lucky girl because she gets to celebrate her birthday three times a year!  The night before we came back to Shanghai this year we had a small celebration with Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Earl.  Then when we came back to Shanghai, we had another celebration on her actual birthday.  The third time occurred right before summer vacation so that she could celebrate with her friend in her class.SANY0304

She decided that she wanted to make and decorate her own birthday cake this year.  I got the ingredients out and put the cake in the over, but she did most everything else.  I have to admit that my favorite part about her birthday this year was when she opened up her Tball set.  She looked at us with a VERY serious look on her face…...

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