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Maddie Tackles Tally Marks!

SANY0318I honestly don’t push her to do this… I think because she sees me making podcasts and movies, she is interested in making them herself.  So tonight when she finished her homework and asked if she could make a podcast, I happily helped her out!

***Maddie’s Tallly Work

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Ballet Begins

Maddie1Maddie loved gymnastics last school year but she has been firm on her decision to take ballet this school year. When she says the word ballet, her eyes sparkle and she gets this dreamy look in her eye. We signed her up last week and she had her first class yesterday.

Maddie2Class didn’t begin until 3:45 but when she woke up at 6:30am, she immediately put her ballet things on for the day AND dressed her sister up in the ballet clothes that no longer fit her. We had two ballerinas running around the house all day long!


Maddie lightly stepped into class where she didn’t know anybody and went straight to the bar where she pointed her toes and practiced plies. Amelia could hardly stand it – she watched her sister and desperately wanted to join the big kid class…. in time Amelia, in time……

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