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The Birthday Song

Grandma Barbara’s birthday was in November so the girls and I tried to record a birthday song…  I know this is a bit late and it’s raw footage but better late than never.  And it’s cute!  Listen below…

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Visiting Li Min Migrant School

Maddie’s class visited our local migrant school in Shanghai.  Li Min students are from families of migrant workers and as Ms. Zhou points out again and again… they are not Shanghainese.  As a result, they really don’t get funding from the government.  So, SAS helps to take care of the kids from Li Min along with many other organizations.  SAS PTSA has purchased playground equipment for the kids, we have combined Sports Days where their kids come to SAS… it’s a very cool relationship.

Maddie’s classmates packed a bag of presents for each of Li Min kids and went to their school today to hand out the gifts, sing songs and be a part of their day.  It was really good for Maddie to go to their school just a short drive from her own little world...

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Amelia’s Apology

Amelia like many two year olds can’t quite get the words together fast enough to say what it is that she wants to say… totally normal.  As a result, she gets frustrated and reacts… totally normal.  Unfortunately, her reaction is sometimes biting.  She knows she’s wrong but sometimes the steam just has gotta get out somehow!  Ms. Zhou found me at school the other day and told me that Amelia had bitten Eva on the arm after Eva tried to take Amelia’s food.  Sigh… I think she bit Eva so hard that Eva had teeth marks on her skin for a few days.  So…. Amelia decided to apologize.  Watch the video below…

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Family Literacy Night

familyDid you know that Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is 40 years old?  To help celebrate, Maddie’s school held a Family Literacy event.  It started early in the afternoon for parents while the kids were still in school.  Parents gathered and learned about Digital Literacy, learned about reading to their children… it was good.

family1The best part was when the kids joined us in the library.  All of the parents and kids sat around in deep bean bags reading books.  They had guest readers for break out groups… it was really fun! Maddie glowed when her dad was the guest reader and Amelia actually stood still while he read! :)


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Maddie’s Holiday Concert

You know that when we start the holiday concerts at school that it means we are getting on an airplane soon!!  Maddie’s class practiced months for this show as every child had their own unique part.  Now I have to mention here that I actually forgot that it was concert day.  I was so proud of the fact that I remembered it was a PE day, had Maddie in tennis shoes and a school shirt.  Boy were we surprised when we walked in the school door and saw everybody in their finest!  Thankfully we managed to run home and put on our Xmas clothes for the concert! :)

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Setting Up the Christmas Tree

Not too bad – getting 4 hours of footage into 4 minutes!

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