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Why Eating Takes So Long…

Sometimes, you just need chopsticks to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!

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The Last Girl Scout Cookies.

Amelia and I ate the last Girl Scout cookies tonight and it was delicious.

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Maddie the Sneetch!

Maddie’s a Sneetch?  What you say?

Formerly, Ms. McMullin (aka Ms. McMuffin) who is now Mrs. Wild is Maddie’s music teacher and she wrote a play especially for the first graders in Maddie’s class based on a Dr. Seuss book.  For 30 minutes, the children were on stage and they were constantly MOVING!  Maddie was energetic, brave and smiling throughout the entire performance and new her cues very well!  If you would like to “listen” to the performance you can go here:

You can also visit Ms. Wild’s full site here:

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Birds’ Feet

This is the book that I read today.

This is my mom with a bird.

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Hong Kong Disneyland

Maddie and  Amelia have to be two of the luckiest kids on earth!  Over the long weekend, we decided to head on out to Hong Kong for a second visit to Disneyland!  As Andy said, his first visit to Disney was at age 12-ish and his second visit was with the girls a few years ago!  Of course, there were tons of pictures and tons of videos from the trip so we decided to put it into a short movie below.

The Easter Bunny even managed to show up!


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