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So Long to the 09/10 School Year!

Maddie's First Day of School

Maddie is practically a veteran learner at this point!  It’s hard to believe that this is the 4th conclusion to a school year for her.  Ms. Preeti took great care of her in both PreK3 and PreK4, and Maddie has thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog posts from those days.  When she watches the video of the first time she wrote her name in PreK3 though all she can point out is that her “d” is backwards and her “i” looks like a “c”.

Maddie Studies Hard!

Maddie loved Kindergarten with Mrs. Howitt and eagerly looked forward to first grade this year.  First grade was a big leap for Ms...

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Party at the Links!

Catching up on the blog posting here!!!! One of the benefits of living at the Links are the community get togethers they plan for the kids. This was our welcome back party this school year… I know, I know… I’m a bit lit in posting it but better late than never! :) Amelia was of course terrified of the entire event but Maddie got her giggles for sure as she hung out with the other kids.

Check out the number of hoops at the end of the video.  And is the girl something like 12 years old?  A veteran!!! :)

Enjoy the show! :)

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Feeding the Ducks…

One of the things the girls look forward to is walking near our house to go feed the ducks!  Maddie has been sick for nearly four days now but sometimes you just need to get out or you’ll get cabin fever which in WAY worse! All I have to say is… thank goodness for cheap bread!

Beautiful Oregon days….

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My temp is 100.6

Today I woke up sick.  My mom gave me some clothes from Justice and made me feel better.  my mom gave me tylenol and I felt a little bit better.

when I coughed so loudly it hurt my Mom’s ears!

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