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Maddie’s Horseback Riding Lessons in Oregon

We knew that this would be the summer that Maddie had her first horse lesson.  We seized the opportunity because we’ve been able to spend a big chunk of our summer in Oregon.  I knew that Maddie was ready for this because I knew that she understood that it was WORK and JOY to take care of a horse… not just the joy part!  She eagerly got my old saddles out, got the saddle soap out, got the saddle oil out and cleaned for a very long time!  This was after taking a “field trip” to our local tack and supply store which lasted well over two hours.  Note:  we only bought saddle soap!

After researching for a long time while sitting on my couch in Shanghai, we decides to go with Champion Training Center.  Everything out their website made me feel like it was “home” if that makes any sense...

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