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Hamsters Visit Maddie!

Maddie had some vistors this weekend from her class.  They were quite the spectacle and as a result we had almost every child in the neighborhood stop by the house.  Maddie has named the mom “Big Mama” because all she does is bite.  I think the others are Rosella, Brittany, Eleanor, Rose, and big Baby for the runt.  I don’t think those are really their names but they worked for us this weekend!  Maddie’s turn to take over… Maddie tell me more about them!


The babys are cute but they bite now. they eat dried fruit, vegetables and apples.  I will miss the hamsters.

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Maddie’s Horse Lessons in Shanghai

Maddie rides Benny

Say WHOA like you mean it!

Maddie has been riding in Shanghai for about a month so far.  We wake up every Saturday morning and head out to the barn, leaving the early.  Maddie has a private lesson first to teach her the skills that she needs to be safe and responsible on the horses.  Her trainer is just perfect for her.  His name is Spencer and he’s always telling her to be tough.  Don’t just say “whoa”.  Say “WHOA!”  Maddie is taking a liking to him and the two ponies that she rides on a regular basis.  Her confidence is soaring and she is learning so much.  After four lessons, she’s already getting the hang of posting.  In her own words, here’s Maddie…. she’ll tell you what to do when you fall off!

Maddie and Joe Joe

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The Happiest Birthday for Maddie

This was the year mom and dad were brave.  Every year that Maddie has been alive, we’ve had a family birthday.  They’ve been VERY special but she has been missing out a bit because she’s a summer birthday.  This year though, mom and dad decided it was time for a birthday she would remember.  Maddie invited 20 of her closest friends and had a fabulous birthday.  Bouncy castles, bobbing for apples, pin the tail on the horse, cupcake decorating, balloon clowns, pizza, cake…. Andy and I were thinking that we would do this once every seven years or so.  Then we saw the pictures… she really did have a good time.  Even Amelia decided that she was no longer afraid of the clown!!! :)  Happy Birthday Peanut! :)

Maddie Successfully Get the Apple!

JiaXi and Maddie show off their cupcakes...

Pin th...

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