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Swimming in Samui

Okay… I admit it…. the only thing we are doing is swimming.  We swim when we wake up – we swim before lunch – after lunch, before dinner, after dinner…

AND, we swim rain or shine!

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Looks Like Santa Got Maddie’s Letters…

Amazing actually… Maddie wrote the letters last week and look what showed up in our email inbox today from Santa Claus…

For Maddie:

For Amelia:

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It’s a Cute Snow

Snow in Shanghai! Snow in Shanghai!

It has been a few years but we had a cute snow in Shanghai yesterday.  When the flurries started at noon, the kids were giddy.  By 2:00 every kid in the school from Kindy to Grade 12 lost all concentration and the official announcement came. “EVERYBODY JUST GO OUTSIDE!”

Little ones squeal a lot… listen for yourself!

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Maddie’s Letter to Santa

Maddie has finally gotten around to writing a letter to Santa.  Do you like the way I said that?  I made it sound like it’s a burden and that we’ve just been so busy that she hasn’t set it as a priority.  Okay, maybe that tone is just in my mind but the fact of the matter is that we made the decision to put NO pressure on her to write the letter.  Last year at this time, we mentioned writing a letter and it was followed by tears of frustration because she didn’t think she could write a letter.  So, this year we haven’t even mentioned it but our blossoming daughter took it upon herself and wrote not only a letter from herself but also wrote one on behalf of her sister… all on her own.  She asked me how to spell Leapster and Zhu Zhu but the rest is hers...

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Christmas Concerts…

It seems that the season is in full swing.  While we were eating our Turkey, we were putting up our Christmas tree and the holiday concerts at school are keeping everyone busy.  Maddie practiced and practiced for her role as a chime player.  She did beautifully and didn’t mind sharing the stage a bit with Amelia.  In the end, Amelia wants to grow up and be Maddie.  So when she has the opportunity to step into Maddie’s shoes, she does it!!  Here is the link for video starring Madeline and Amelia:

and embedded….

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Halloween 2010

How did this happen?  Halloween was a month ago… Turkey Day has come and gone and now it’s almost Christmas!  I’ll catch up on blogging over the Winter Holiday but in the meantime….

Halloween was once again wonderful out at the Links.  So many people have moved out here now and it’s so different from what it was when we moved out here 6 years ago.  Six years ago, over 70% of the houses were empty and Halloween lasted 20 minutes.  All of the houses are now full and there was plenty of candy to be had so it took almost 90 minutes to fill our bags.

Maddie was the go-go dancer but I think it was Amelia who was most enthused about the dancing part.  She was dressed as candy corn but quickly turned into pop-candy corn!

Maddie's Class plus an Amelia...

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