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When Cultures Come Together

Children that grow up outside of their home country are often called TCKs or Third Culture Kids.  Their sense of what is “normal” is not the normal that most of my family grew up with.  I loved my normal when I was growing up and I’m not convinced more that ever that Maddie is loving her sense of normal.  For example….

I had her come to my office after school the other day because I had a meeting.  I told her I would be back in an hour and that she could play on my computer.  When I came back, she was finishing up her homework, watching The Brady Bunch on my computer and drinking hot green tea.  For your information, the green tea was unsweetened and The Brady Bunch episode was where Jan though she was allergic to Tiger.

Green tea and The Brady Bunch…. I just love that!

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The Christmas that Keeps Giving…

Some of our Christmas gifts that were sent from back home have been stuck in Chinese customs.  Now that we are back in the PRC, we are able to provide the necessary documentation to get the gifts out to us.  Today we have a very special one arrive from Andy’s parents.  We’ve wanted a Pendleton blanket for years and this is just so darn special.  We let the girls open it up and as soon as Maddie saw the blanket, she started screaming “Oregon! Oregon! Oregon! Oregon!”  She recognized the pattern and knows that it’s from home.  That’s my girl!

Thanks for the presents all – we love them! :)

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So Long, Farewell!!!

I remember when I got braids in my hair back 2002.  My mom visited me in Saudi Arabia for a couple of weeks and we sat in the pool all day long as she unbraided all of my hair.  It literally took all day and my hair still fell out so that it was as think as a crepe.

Maddie has had her braids in for three weeks and the gel is only going so far now.  It keeps the strays down for awhile but her head looks like a bird’s next within a few hours.  So, we turned on Nickalodean and we unbraided Maddie’s hair for only 90 minutes.  What’s cool is that Amelia actually helped – I mean she really helped. She took the foil off, took the beads off and carefully unbraided Maddie’s hair.

Amelia helps take Maddie's braids outI loved Maddie's hair when we were done.....

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Homemade Hot Cocoa

I’ve been falling down on my proper parenting duties lately and nothing spoke louder to me than this video!  Both Maddie and Amelia think that all hot cocoa comes from a little package that you tear open and add hot water.   Oh dear, time to clean out the cupboard and find that genuine Hershey’s Cocoa.  So… .we made homemade hot cocoa for the first time last night.  I had to have my own fun of course by having Maddie and Amelia taste the ingredients.  That Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa sure smells good and that Pure Vanilla Extract sure smells yummy!  Their faces were priceless!

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