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Maddie’s Big Day!

Maddie First Horse Show!

Maddie had an excellent day as she participated in her first horse show where she completed two dressage Equitation Tests! She looked like a true horse girl with her coat, breeches and hunt cap. First she completed her flat work and then she completed her beginning jumping class. She passed both tests and advanced to the next level! Good job Maddie!

Just to make the day a bit more interesting… she decided to save a puppy on the way home from the barn. As we were coming off the highway, we saw a puppy trying cross 8 lanes of traffic and it was close to be an unsuccessful attempt. We grabbed him and Maddie held him all the way home. We sent him to the vet immediately and found that he is only about 9 weeks old but in great health. So cute… we call him B.T...

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Dear S.C.,

She is so hopeful… to be a kid again!


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Growing Up TCK

Growing up TCK (Third Culture Kid) is sometimes a tough job. I think the most difficult part of growing up overseas is saying goodbye to friends. I watch on Facebook as my friends in Shanghai go through it and I watch as my students go through it. It impacts Maddie as well.

Last year, Maddie said goodbye to her good friend Roqueya. There were tears and she had the belief that they would never see each other again. Here we are 9 months later and the girls were on Skype showing each other their new paint in their bedrooms.

Thankfully, in this day and age, the kids don’t really have to say goodbye. They just say, I’ll see onilne and maybe we’ll be F2F someday!

This year, Maddie is saying goodbye to her friend Paulina. From my perspective, Maddie and Paulina have been the perfect mix...

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