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Koh Samui B-day Party

Hi, I’m Maddie. Right now, I’m old enough to start blogging myself. I would like to tell you about my Christmas vacation in Koh Samui, and my friend Daniel’s birthday party.

On Daniel’s birthday party, I saw 8 of my friends. The thought of seeing my friends was exciting. Everybody were eating jelly beans and pasta. Me and 1 of my friends were thinking about getting a henna on our hands.( a henna is like fake tattoo, but from a special dark cream) My little sister was going to get one, so me and my friend got one, too.

Also, we made a tight rope with a long, long thick rope. A lot of my friends walked on it, but since I got the henna a head of time, I didn’t get a chance to walk it.

My favorite part about this party was seeing my friends.

Talk to you in a few days.

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Shakes and Sodas!

Dad is coming home in a few hours so what do we do. We head to Johnny Moo’s for some shakes and Cherry Cokes! I love my time with my girls so very much… they are just down right fun to be around. Feeling thankful for this gift of time with them…

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