Student Led Conferences

Maddie was in charge of her very first Student Led Conference at school today. In year’s past, the elementary school had traditional Parent Teacher conferences but they have moved to SLCs into action across the school. Maddie was excited all week long and the night before she told us that she had to lay out an outfit that was “confident”. She called it her confidence outfit… jeans, T-Shirt, Justice boots!

We walked into class and she pulled out her folder that had her checklist of everything she was going to share. I have to admit that I half expected her to sit there and just show us stuff but she talked and talked and talked. We were supposed to be in there for 30 minutes and we talked for 45 minutes. I was the most amazing thing I have ever seen as she was truly reflecting on her learning throughout the entire process.

She began with her EAGLES reflection which are the school’s Essential Learning Outcomes and pinpointed exactly what she was most proud of and what she most wanted to improve on for the rest of the school year. She was most proud of being empowered to be CREATIVE and wants to work on USING HER TIME WELL. She told us that when she writes, she thinks that she must write a WOW story every single time rather than developing a story from a small moment. She now sits there thinking and thinking of a WOW story instead of free writing. She thought it would be a good idea to carry a ‘small moment’ or seed book with her at all times so that she could refer to it when she writing a story in class.

I was most impressed with how she used the iPad in her conference. Maddie had video recorded herself reading a challenging book at the beginning of the year and compared to how she is reading now. She was very proud of that fact that she had learned all of her snap words and that she was choosing challenging books. She also showed us how to play a few of the Math Apps they use on the iPad in class.

After the SLC in the classroom, Maddie took us to all of her Specialist teachers and Maddie showed us what she has improved on this year in each class. Mr. T talked about Maddie’s improvement and development growth with all of the activities she does with different sides of the brain. Maddie demonstrated her interpretation of an artist they were studying and when we arrived at her music teacher’s class, Maddie jumped into action when she heard a song they had been practicing. She sat in front of the bass and was confident in her abilities to play.

Good job Maddie Anna! Mom and Dad are so proud of you! You’ve grown so much and you’ve set some good goals for yourself. We are so proud of you for always trying your best and your positive attitude. We are very lucky parents!!

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2 comments to Student Led Conferences

  • Aunt Sissy  says:

    Speaking of “WOW” moments! Great job, Maddie! You are so smart! We are so proud of you. We really enjoyed reading about what you are learning in school. The movie trailer was pretty cool, too. You rock! We love your confidence! Love, Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bubba

  • Grandma and Grandpa  says:

    You know Maddie, I knew you would star in your very own movie one day. Congratulations! You make us very proud.

    Grandma Barbara

    Our “STAR” is really shining these days and we are so proud of you. I will help you keep shining with all my love. Keep up the good work. Love you lots,

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