We found a bug!

We all find bugs everyday but we’ve been noticing them a lot more lately since Maddie is heading out to really cool Bug and Insect Field Trip soon. We walked out our front door the other day and look what we saw!  Can anybody tell me what it is?? :)



4 comments to We found a bug!

  • Amy Hossack  says:

    WOW! Cool bug Maddie! Those are looooooooong antennae.
    Let’s show it to all the kids this afternoon.
    From Mrs Hossack

  • G-ma Dotty  says:

    Is it China’s version of a grasshopper????

    love you, Maddie.

    G-ma Dotty

  • G-ma Dotty  says:

    It’s a beetle bug.

  • G-ma Dotty  says:

    It’s a “box elder” bug!
    G-ma Dotty

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