Maddie Makes Dinner

There is a running joke in our family. Mom can’t cook. Freaks mom out. So…. when dad leaves, mom agonizes over dinner. However, Maddie is stepping up to the task. We found some recipes online and she took charge. I started the marinade for the pork chops in the morning, but she took it from there.

Maddie made orange joyce and soy sauce marinated port chops. She even reduced the sauce so that we could pour it over the brown rice. See the recipe here:

And then she blanched some asparagus and even put the asparagus in an ice bath! She didn’t have almonds so she decided to use pine nuts in the lemon butter sauce for the asparagus. Delicious: She even put together a mayonnaise/mustard dipping sauce.

Excellent work Maddie Anna! You can cook for me anyday!



4 comments to Maddie Makes Dinner

  • Ms. Nazli  says:

    Maddie darling, your dinner looks scrumptious!!! You can make me dinner anytime.

  • Maddie's Mom  says:

    thank you Ms.nazli.

  • Maddie's Mom  says:

    Thank you Ms. Nazli!

  • b  says:

    this little girl needs a recipe app for her ipad…I can tell. Wow!


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