Letters to Santa

Maddie's Letter to Santa

Last year Maddie wrote a letter to Santa for both herself and Amelia. The result was she got a very cool video message from him while we were vacationing in Thailand AND she got the one thing she asked for. She was inspired…

Yesterday she stayed him from school as she was feeling a bit under the weather and she took advantage of the time to be inspired again. She wrote a letter to Santa and as soon as her sister got home from school, she helped her sister write a letter.

Amelia's Letter to Santa

We’ll post everything to Santa this week. I’m pretty sure it will get there in time, but it remains to be seen if Maddie and Amelia will get the one gift the want from Santa. Okay… so Maddie wants two gifts. Me thinks she is feeling guilty for letting her sister annoy her a bit on a daily basis! Read the letters for yourself… you’ll see.

We love ya Maddie Anna!


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  • b  says:

    Just exactly the same only smaller and in a different color and maybe with some ski poles. I was there last year when those skates came.


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