SAS Concert Series…

Maddie Anna and the entire elementary school performed at a recent concert and this one was by far one of our favorites. We’ve put it on our Apple TV and every time I walk into the room, either Amelia or Maddie has put it on and they are singing along with The Unicorn Song all over again! :) It was extra special that Maddie was able to sing with Mrs. Tucker whom she had for Art last year.

I especially love the video that Julie Wild made to go alone with the song. She photoshopped each child into a picture that coincided with the words of the song. Watch for Maddie and the green alligator!

You may watch the video below or view it by clicking here.

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3 comments to SAS Concert Series…

  • Aunt Sissy  says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Maddie Anna! We love you. Hope you have a very happy day!

  • Aunt Sissy  says:

    Happy birthday to you, dear Maddie Anna. We love you have a very special day. We love you so much!

  • Friend Liza  says:

    I love this website! Mr.Cole told me about it. Once in his class he told us how the mother of Maddie Anna got hold of one woman who wrote bad abour this website. I visited it only once or twice but I really love it! And, My birthday is in August too! Maddie and I are both Leos! How cool!

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