Singing or Reading?

We keep getting notes home from the librarian…. Maddie can’t check out anymore books because she has so many checked out. Okay, they don’t say that she can’t check out books – that would be just plain mean. The issue is this: Maddie LOVES to read and never wants to return any of her library books. I have to sneak them in her bag and the Ms. Preeti has to sneak them out of her bag without Maddie finding out about it. She has her favorite books of course… most of them are related to ballet in some way shape or form. She LOVES Brown Bear, Brown Bear too though. Happy Reading/Singing honey!!!

One comment to Singing or Reading?

  • Sissy  says:

    Way too cute, Maddie Anna. You are such a good reader and singer. Good job! Thank you for sharing.


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