The Slow Boat to Shanghai

Maddie and Amelia’s First ChristmasWe leave tomorrow a.m. bright and early for Shanghai.  This trip has been simply remarkable in so many ways.  Maddie has changed so much since the last time we were home and Amelia, well, this has been her first trip on American soil and she too has changed in leaps and bounds

Maddie really started to “get” that America and Shanghai were two different things over the summer.  Over the summer, we were in the States for almost six weeks and it was simply fun setting up our new house and her new room.  This time we have been in our new home for nearly three weeks and she has spent the last week talking about Shanghai.  I think the day after Christmas, she started mentioning Shanghai four to five times a day.  I’m not saying that she hasn’t had fun and that she hasn’t valued the time with family, but Maddie (and now Amelia) know Shanghai as home.  Her friends, her teachers, her cat, our car (which apparently we left one of her favorite book in while gone), her bed, and even her ayis are important to her.  It will make her dad I think think about when and where we will go next in this flat world of ours.

If you ask her, she’ll say that she has loved every minute of being at her American home.  Jet-lagging in her bunk beds, cutting down Christmas trees with dad, grandma and grandpa, decorating trees, visiting with her grandma from Tucson, visiting with her brothers and cousins, going to the ballet, sitting on Santa’s lap, baking cookies for Santa, SHOPPING, learning how to bowl on Wii, and showing her little sister exactly how the world should work…. that’s one heck of a trip!

It’s time to go home to Shanghai now.  So thanks to my smart four year old, maybe I’ll remind myself that we should always enjoy where we are right at this exact moment because we are always creating memories and learning to be “experienced.”  Maddie is smart because she is “experienced.”

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  • Barbara Torris  says:

    Yes, that Maddie is “experienced” and if you don’t believe it just ask her. When we asked her a couple of weeks ago how she got so smart, her reply was “I’m experienced!” No joke, no smile, just a serious 4 year old going about her menu coloring at a local restaurant. We are always enchanted with Maddie. When she whispers in my ear “Grandma, can I talk to you now?” my heart leaps with joy. I miss her breath on my face when she goes home.

    I love you Maddie.

    Amelia has a hard time with “dad” and “grandpa” because they actually look alike. Her Little mouth turns down when she see the “grandpa” version though…it just doesn’t seem right for 5 minutes or so. When darling babies worm their way into your heart the world sings…A Song for Amelia.

    I love you Amelia

    Grandma Barbara

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