Will you be my V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E?

Maddie Make Valentine CardsOn the benchmarks for PreK-4 students, it says that children should be able to sit for at least 5 minutes and stay on task the entire time. How about an hour?

Maddie Anna amazes me day in and day out. We bought valentine cards for all of her schoolmates when were home at Christmas time because as with most things – she gets it this year. When I asked her tonight if I could help her write the names of her classmates, she simplied said, “I can do it myself mommy.” She wasn’t kidding.

She sat at the kitchen table for over an hour and wrote her name 15 times in all of the from spaces AS WELL AS writing the names of all 15 of her classmates. She asked the the next letter sometimes, but she knew what to do. She still confuses Kenzie and Kai-Chen, but the rest of them are a cake walk! Of course Barbie cards were for the girls and Shrek cards were for the boys…

She was sooooooo excited to bring them into class the next day and to share the candy hearts the Grandma Dotty had brought from America. They had sat home the day before and made individual bags out of fabric for all of her classmates and stuffed them with Be Mine hearts!

Happy Heart Day Maddie Anna!!! You continue to amaze me…

Maddie and Samantha at the Valentine Box

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