Jingdezhen Calls Again

cimg8827.JPGcimg8835.JPGIn April 2007, I headed to Jingdezhen and left my family at home.  I spent most of the time in Jingdezhen wishing that they were there to experience the amazing pottery city.  Well, we had a three day weekend and really needed to get away for a few days so Jingdezhen called our name.  Now some may think that I’m crazy to take a 4 year old and a 6 month old pottery shopping, but I believe that kids must have exposure so that they can learn how to act in various situations.  I’m happy to report that both Maddie and Amelia did beautifully!!  I loved being in Jingdezhen as a family for two days.  It was a special trip in so many ways.

cimg8844.JPGMaddie became instant friends with our guide, Monty.  Monty is a college student that basically takes you around Jingdezhen for a few days.  She knows where to go and about how much to pay for things and also takes you to some mighty interesting restaurants.  Maddie sat on Monty’s lap every time we were in the car and climbed on Monty’s back when she got tired.  When we were at the airport saying good-bye I think I experienced one of the most priceless moments…”Monty?  Will you be my friend forever?  I’m going to miss you so much.”  Maddie had a good time!

cimg8860.JPGAmelia was the star of the show and clearly has that Special Child Syndrome gene in her.  She was a trooper and was content as can be in the Bjorn.  She’s the type of baby that just goes with the flow so when ba-zillions of people rush up to her she very simply smiles sweetly and flaps her arms as fast as possible.  She was an amazing baby for such a demanding trip! :)   Both of the girls had to pose for the camera so many times that they were seeing stars in their eyes at every turn.  At least they were having a photogenic day!

cimg8850.JPGMaddie chose her own pottery to ship home this time and I know that it is something that will be with her forever.  She has the carpet from Saudi Arabia that marks her time from there and now she has the pottery from China.  She’s an international kid for sure!  And Miss Amelia is staring her collection of worldly possessions… Maddie chose a piece of pottery for her as well.

In all we had a really good trip with everybody.  Next time I think Andy and I will head to Jingdezhen by ourselves… and yes, it’s THAT good that you can go back again and again! :)


One comment to Jingdezhen Calls Again

  • Sissy  says:

    Fantastic pics and post. Maddie, I love your pottery choice. You did a great job of picking out the most beautiful piece. I am sure that the one you picked out for your little sister is pretty, too!

    I am so glad you all were able to get out and have some fun as a family. Those are priceless moments! Thanks for sharing!

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