Maddie’s got STATUS!

Maddie’s got STATUS ya know.

Maddie’s got STATUS because she lives in Shanghai……

Maddie’s got STATUS because she thinks bunny ears are cute……

Maddie’s got STATUS because she eats at restaurants where they give you a flashlight if you can’t see……

Maddie’s got STATUS because she stays at hotels on famous rivers around the world……

Maddie’s got STATUS because she spends much of her life riding around on luggage carts in airports…..

We bought plane tickets for summer travel today and used our complimentary vouchers to upgrade to first class. This is how the conversation went today:

Nice United Lady: Your three year old won’t have any vouchers.
Me: But she has had her own number for a year and a half.
Nice United Lady: But she doesn’t have STATUS.
Me: Have you checked? Look it up!
Nice United Lady: I’ve been here for ten years and this is the first time I’ve met a three year old with Premier status.
Me: Welcome to our world!!! 😉

Happy Travels are Coming Our Way!

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