Happy Turkey Day All!

Turkey Day overseas since we’ve been in Shanghai has been “interesting” simply because it’s a work/school day.  When we lived in the Middle East, it wasn’t a big deal because Thursdays always marked the start of the weekend.  Here, in Shanghai, we’ve just gotta really plan!

At school today, Maddie’s class hosted a Thanksgiving party for all of the parents.  Andy and I were able to tear ourselves away from classes and meetings to join Maddie… it was a good thing that Maddie and I made sooooo many cupcakes last night as there were A LOT of people!

After school, we came home and started cooking.  Andy worked on the yams, mashed spuds and green beans while Maddie worked on the pumpkin pie.  Todd and Tonya were in charge of the turkey which made things great! 

I have to put this in…. Andy calls me a food hoarder.  I buy pumpkin and cranberry sauce in APRIL.  Why?  Because when you want it in November, it’s simply not available.  Well, tonight, I came to the rescue once again.  I provide the pumpkin, evaporated milk and cranberry sauce even though you can’t find it in Shanghai right now.  HA!  :)

The evening ended up with lots of good books to read before bedtime and lots of hugs/kisses before I head out.

Thanks for the great pie Maddie-Anna.  Even your sister couldn’t get enough – simply fabulous!


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  • Sissy  says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, kids! It looks and sounds like you all had a great time celebrating. Maddie, you are turning into quite the baker! Maybe when you come to America next time(and to Illinois), you will make us some cupcakes or pie, or cookies. I can tell that you are a good cook! I’m glad you had fun. Also, maybe you would read me a story. You are such a good big sister. I like that you were helping your sister read her book. Good job, Maddie!

    P.S. Tell your Mommy to send me your and your sister’s dress size.

    Aunt Sissy

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