Maddie’s Reading Buddy

I love stumbling up things like this at school!  I was working on a 5th/6th grade transition wiki at school today and when I walked into a 5th grade classroom, one of the girls turned to me and said, “are you Maddie’s mom?”  She then went on to explain that she was Maddie’s reading buddy!  It’s funny because this school is starting to feel suspiciously like Cheers; cue: Cheer’s Theme Song now.

They had Reading Buddies scheduled right after my interaction with the 5th grade class so I snapped this pic as they got started! :) 

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One comment to Maddie’s Reading Buddy

  • Grandma Barbara  says:

    Dear Maddie,

    I have been very busy this week but I always find time to read about your week. You reading buddy looks like she would be so much fun. The thing you forgot to tell me this week is what book you are reading. I am always interested.

    I love you. Have a wonderful week.

    Grandma Barbara

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