Halloween Parties!!

IMG_3553Not only do we have regular movie nights every Friday night, but we also have regular parties for the kids!  This year’s Halloween Party was the perfect thing for kids.  Let’s set aside for a moment that Amelia was freaked out for the first 30 minutes because everything was a bit too scary.  Kids Gallery was brought in so the kids were able to make various Arts and Crafts holiday baskets.  IMG_3554They had somebody teaching the kids the Thriller Dance, they had pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, pizza and soda for the kids, adult beverages for the adults… a great time was had by all.  I did find it interesting though that Maddie spent most of the night in the Arts and Crafts area.  The kid just loves art!





One comment to Halloween Parties!!

  • G-ma Dotty  says:

    Dear Maddie and Amelia,

    How beautiful you both look in your Halloween costumes. Looks like you had a lot of fun. You are both so beautiful! I miss you both sooo much.

    See you soon, my little girls. And, my big girl. And, that big guy!

    love you all,

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