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The Happiest Birthday for Maddie

This was the year mom and dad were brave.  Every year that Maddie has been alive, we’ve had a family birthday.  They’ve been VERY special but she has been missing out a bit because she’s a summer birthday.  This year though, mom and dad decided it was time for a birthday she would remember.  Maddie invited 20 of her closest friends and had a fabulous birthday.  Bouncy castles, bobbing for apples, pin the tail on the horse, cupcake decorating, balloon clowns, pizza, cake…. Andy and I were thinking that we would do this once every seven years or so.  Then we saw the pictures… she really did have a good time.  Even Amelia decided that she was no longer afraid of the clown!!! :)  Happy Birthday Peanut! :)

Maddie Successfully Get the Apple!

JiaXi and Maddie show off their cupcakes...

Pin th...

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The Birthday Song

Grandma Barbara’s birthday was in November so the girls and I tried to record a birthday song…  I know this is a bit late and it’s raw footage but better late than never.  And it’s cute!  Listen below…

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Maddie’s Fake 6th Birthday

Not my words!  Maddie herself called it her “fake” 6th birthday!

For the past couple of years, Maddie’s birthday has kind of been at an interesting time of the year.  On August 5th, we are usually back in Shanghai but there are not really any other kids back but work is in full swing so we haven’t had a kid birthday party yet.  This year we decided to have an early birthday party for Maddie with her friends that she has had in class all year long. It was a fun day indeed!  We ordered a huge cake for Maddie’s class, had gft bags for every kid in class, and gave the kids icecream just add a bit more sugar to their systems! :) Maddie’s classmates made a book for her where each person drew a picture and wrote a sentence about what they like about her...

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Happy Birthday Miss Amelia!

One year already – how did that happen?

We celebrated Amelia’s first birthday this week.  Maddie counted the days down on the calendar and she helped me choose the type of cake we would make for the celebration.  Maddie and I rushed home after school so that we could get started on the cake.  Maddie actually did everything for the preparation.  She was so intent on making Amelia’s cake perfect.  She measured and added all of the ingredients, mixed the batter by hand and even set the timer on the oven. Maddie’s favorite part was making the pink icing and then decorating Amelia’s cake. 

Amelia simply giggled the entire night.  We sang happy birthday, took some pretty pictures and then BLAM!  Amelia practically jumped into the cake...

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