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Setting Up the Christmas Tree

Not too bad – getting 4 hours of footage into 4 minutes!

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Maddie’s Holiday Concert

Maddie’s Holiday Concert was Today!  She was sooooo excited – it was hard to keep her still for a picture!!


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Maddie Prepares for the Tree Cutting!I can understand those people out there that but artificial trees… really! We have one in Shanghai and every year around the day after Thanksgiving, we open up the closet and find the tall brown box that contains the start of our Christmas cheer. HOWEVER, we do this because finding a real tree in Shanghai is not that easy and that actually makes finding a tree in Saudi Arabia look like a cake walk! So when we come home to Oregon for the holidays – we cut down a tree… especially since we are in our own home for the first time!

Amelia sat in the warmth of the backseat with Grandma Barbara, continuing to jetlag her little heart out while we went trapsing through a tree farm. Barbara watched the whole thing from the car which was apparently the best silent movie in a long time...

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