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Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Dance!

Maddie had a great night after getting dressed up after school just to go see Cooper. She has grown so much… take a look at the picture from last Easter of Maddie in the same dress!

And just when you think there is nothing to do… you might as well dance. Maddie… I hope you dance forever! :)

By the way… this is our life and yes, we love it!

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Happy Birthday Cooper

cimg8336.JPGOn mom’s last night in Shanghai we invited Todd, Tonya, Cooper and Bauer over for an awesome dinner cooked by Andy.  It was also a great time for us to celebrate Cooper’s birthday!  Cooper had a boys only party earlier in the day, but they saved some cakes and lots of icing so that Maddie and he would have a chance to make desert for all of us.  The creativity soared and they had a great time I think!

It’s fun getting Bauer and Amelia together since they are so close in age.  They are getting old enough to offer lots of expressions and sounds when they see each other…. it’s as if they are the only two babies on the face of the earth!  I suspect that there will be many, many blog entries about the adventures of Amelia and Bauer…


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